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Date: Oct 10 2021

YOU ARE NOT GOING TO CUM UNTIL I GET A STREET NAMED AFTER ME! It should be the best night of your life. you. ve married the girl of your dreams She. s incredibly beautiful! The Hottest girl you. ve ever met! It was because of that, you decided against your horny nature and felt it would be best to honor her wishes and wait until marriage to have sex with her. The wedding night has finally arrived and your cock is ready to explode! You can. t wait to fuck your new Big Tit Bombshell wife! She blindfolds you, pushes you down onto the couch and starts to suck your raging hard dick That. s when things start to go wrong. Instead of letting you blast your load into her soft mouth, Big Tits, Wet Pussy, or soft hands Luna starts to play games with you. She brings you to the edge of Cumming and then destroys your orgasms! Your Balls are so BLUEyou are squirming with the agony of Unrelease. On top of that, she says the only way she will let you Cum is if she can bring over her Ex-Boyfriend and let him fuck her in front of you! Your Wedding Bliss has turn into Hell.


Date: Oct 06 2021

I ALWAYS DO WHATEVER I WANT STEP-DADDY. Hillary. s Step-Father is beyond frustrated. He was called to go pick up Hillary at school because she was dressed in an extremely slutty school uniform. What is worse, is that after they get back home, Hillary is completely unapologetic about her scandalous behavior. She says she can get away with whatever she wants, then starts rub her long fingers all over Daddy. s cock. After she gets Step-Daddy rock hard she decides that she wants something else from him. She wants him to give her $1000 to let him cum. Until he agrees she is mercilessly going to edge him, bringing him to the edge time and time again. She jerks him with her soft hands and sucks him with her slutty wet mouth. In the end she leaves Daddy Frustrated with the biggest set of Blue Balls he. s had in his entire life.


Date: Oct 02 2021

IT HAD BETTER BE ALL OUT JUNIOR!!! Your Step-Mommy takes an active interest in your life. Right now you are waiting in a cage, because Step-Mommy feels you can't keep your dick under control. Add that to the Fact that you have a respiratory problem, Step Mommy feels it's her duty to fix both of these issues. She takes you out you cage and begins to Smother you with her Enormous Mommy Tits. You can't breathe! She says Smothering you will help your lung capacity. Then she smothers you with her Pussy & Ass! Then after a Gigantic Orgasm on your Face, she she's that you have a raging hard on! This is UNACCEPTABLE!!! Step Mommy Milks it with her Soft Mommy hands, Her Gigantic Tits that beg to be sucked, & her mouth that deep throats and sucks on your dick like a wet Vacuum!!! When you spill you load Mommy Ruins the Orgasm making sure ALL of your Cum is out of your Cock.


Date: Sep 28 2021

You need to learn, It HURTS WHEN YOU CUM, JUNIOR, and Mommy Likes it. MOMMIE USES HER BIG TITS TO MAKE YOU HARD AND THEN USES ELECTRICITY TO SHOCK IT, and MAKE YOUR LITTLE COCK BEHAVE. YOU WILL TAKE PAIN AND CUM FOR MOMMIE. She uses the Electrosex Palm Power Box attached to the Electro Penis Sheath attached to your cock she can send the electricity through your dirty little cock causing stimulation and pain. She teaches your dick to stay hard and makes your balls swell for Her. You will take the pain. You want to make Mommie happy don't you? Keep taking that shock and show Mommie you are a big boy. She spits on your cock and it makes the shock worse. IT'S MOMMIES COCK AND SHE CAN DO WHATEVER SHE WANTS TO IT. She puts her rough stockings on your cock so you don't make a mess and then turns up the voltage until you explode.


Date: Sep 24 2021

I'M GOING TO HAVE TO TRAIN YOU TO BE MY HUSBAND If you are going to be married to Alix Lynx, you have to be tough and able to take punishment. Alix is not going to marry a sissy boy, and so she is going to test you. Unfortunately, as soon as she gives you a punch you topple to the ground. Alix fears are confirmed, she is going to have to train you. She starts by putting you into various scissorholds, then realizes the real problem is your dick. It needs to be trained so that you can perform on cue. You are only allowed to Cum when Alix lets you. She engulfs your Cock between her tits, strokes it with her hands, lets her velvet mouth suck you deeply, Rubs with her feet and pumps it with her strong calves Sadly for you Alix has a massive Tease Denial session in mind, she denies Orgasm after Orgasm Leaving you in agony and unfulfilled.


Date: Sep 20 2021

M NOT GETTING A JOB DADDY, JOBS ARE FOR LOSERS. Hi Daddy how was your day??? Mine was AWFUL I went to the mall and didn. t have enough money to do everything I wanted. buy lots of expensive things get my hair and nails done It was horrible! So says your daughter, Laela, after you get home for a long day of work. Now she proposes that she do something for you so that she can get whatever she wants. Mommy doesn. t have to know but if you don. t give her everything, Mommy certainly will find out because your daughter will tell her exactly how she slobbered and sucked all over your rock hard dick! You don. t care Her mouth feels so amazing that you will gladly give everything she wants You fervently hope she is going to suck you dry!


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