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Date: May 19 2021

MOMMY OWNS THIS COCK DOESN. T SHE? Junior You have never seen tits as nice as Mommy have you? She is the one who takes care of your cock better than anybody else. Junior are you going to be a good little boy today? You had better be, Mommy is going to milk you with her Big Mommy Tits and Sweet Mommy hands. Nobody can get you as rock hard as Mommy can, Mommy knows exactly how to stroke your hard cock how to rub and caress it. Mommy knows just what you like. Mommy is going to get all your cum out Junior. Mommy is going to take care of your Cum Give Mommy All You Have. Mommy always knows best.


Date: May 15 2021

IF YOU WISH TO KEEP YOUR JOB, YOU'LL BE THE OFFICE BITCH BOY. The Boss has you at her feet. Her Office Bitch, in chastity with cock and balls tied up below her. She's evaluated your job performance and found you lacking. You are going to learn to pay for your shortcomings. She dangles your cock and balls from the heel of her shoe, telling you all your new sexual duties for all the Women in the Office. She has your cock and balls on a leash, crushing your balls with her heels, and whipping your balls with multiple instruments. -


Date: May 11 2021

COLLEGE HAS TAUGHT HILLARY ALL SORTS OF NEW THINGS! Hillary. s Step father is embarrassed because when he picked up Hillary from school she is dressed like a complete slut. What would her mother think of the way she is dressing and behaving? She has no boundaries, upon arriving home as her Step-dad lectures her during which, she casually grabs his dick. After all what is a wimp like him going to do about it? She is a girl who says, dresses, and does pretty much anything she wants to. What she wants to do right now is fuck with her step-daddy. She teases him stroking his rock hard cock over his protests. After all what is he going to do. tell her Mom? Then she would divorce him and take him for everything he is worth. She Sucks him, edging him then Tugs him edging poor Daddy more and more. She makes him suck out her sweet pussy juice until she cums all over his face. She gets what she wants but in the end Step-Daddy gets nothing.


Date: May 07 2021

I WANT TO GIVE MERCEDES ALL OF MY CUM I WANT TO GIVE MERCEDES ALL OF MY SOUL. There is nothing you can do you have been mesmerized by Mercedes, a very special type of Vampire,. she feeds on your Cum and Soul. One she has you in her sights she never lets go. She sucks your life energy and soul out through your dick. She gives the most amazing head you have ever had but it will be your last. She feeds on your Semen. So many times during the course of her amazing Blowjob You want release You want to Blast your load into her Deep Throat But she doesn. t let you until she is ready Edging you Closer and Closer, Until she feels that she get the most Cum out of you Until she feels she can feed with vigor.


Date: May 03 2021


Date: Apr 29 2021

“HI DADDY, YOU’RE PROBABLY WONDERING WHY YOU CAN’T MOVE RIGHT NOW… IT’S BECAUSE I DRUgggED YOU.” You’re Stuck… You can’t move. Your Step-Daughter has druggged you. Not only that, she has set up cameras around the room and started videotaping exactly what she is doing to you. She wants some Heavy-Duty Blackmail footage. She wants to make sure that when she asks for your credit card, your wallet of cash, or a new car…. That there will be absolutely no hesitation or resistance from you when it is time to give those items to her. “Remember Daddy, I’m recording every second of this… And if you don’t do exactly what I say … Everyone will see it. My Mom, Your Friends, Your Employees…EVERYONE!” Chloe Exclaims. She then sucks your cock deep and long. She teases it with her tongue making you groan in ecstasy! Your wife never sucks your cock this good! She knows you are completely under her power and will do whatever she wants you to!


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