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Date: Feb 05 2021

I DON T WANT TO GET YOU TOO EXCITED... YOU COULD DIIIE!MIkayla your wife has sedated you because... You know your HEART CONDITION. She says she doesn't want to get you excited, but she keeps stroking your cock with her skilled hands and putting you're cock between her Gigantic Tits! She brings you to the edge Again and Again... Sometimes to supposedly calm you down she puts her sexy feet in your face. You did sign that life insurance policy right? It's too much to take you finally Explode! All your Cum rushes out as your Heart pumps it's last beat. Your final orgasm.


Date: Feb 01 2021

YOU GET TO WATCH ME FUCK ANOTHER MAN. It. s your Honeymoon and you. re Wife has something extra special planned for this night. Do I finally get to fuck my wife? You think to yourself. Nope no such luck. There. s definitely going to be a lot of hard fucking going on Only you. re not going to be the one doing it. Instead all of the Fucking is going to be done ON TOP OF YOU. all the while you are stuck in a painful chastity device! Your wife fucks in Doggystyle with her Big Tits swaying against your cock stuck in chastity, then in missionary Your wife arches her back in Orgasmic ecstasy, and all you can do is lay there and take it. She does some side scissor fucking Finally the man whom she has brought back to the hotel cums all over her face What does she do? She casually wipes it off her face and rubs it all over yours. Happy Honeymoon Hubby!


Date: Jan 28 2021

YOU WILL CUM FOR ME, BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO EAT YOUR FUCKING NASTY CUM. MOMMIE AND AUNTIE TIT SMOTHER JUNIORS FACE IN THEIR GIANT BREASTS. They bite his cock. They slap his cock. TheyTIT FUCK HIS COCK. They smother his face with their 4 Big Tits. He never has time to study with Auntie and Mommie slamming their Tits all over him. They MILK him into his Mouth, make him bust his load all over his face and make him eat it. - The Enormous Breasts of Step-Mommie Angelina and Auntie Jordan Milk you into your Mouth.


Date: Jan 24 2021

JUNIORS HANDS ARE MOVING HONEY YOU HAVE TO LOCK HIM DOWN. Step-Mommy has found out what is going on at school. Your step sister sold you out. You have been getting beaten up by girls at school because your dick is always hard. Mommy was furious and embarrassed when she learned of the situation. She is worried other Mothers will laugh at her because of you! Mommy with the help of your sister has decided to take action. They are going to train you and empty your balls of all your nasty Cum! They ruthless shove you to the ground and strip off your shorts. In almost no time your dick gets a raging hard on! Mommy sticks it between her legs and gives your dick an incredible rough leg job with her tight fitting latex suit. It feels incredible! While mommy is doing this, your 18 year old sister sits on your face depriving you of precious air. Next they switch places. Sister puts her tiny tits all over your cock while Mommy Smothers you with her massive ones! In the end, you can. t resist and erupt all over your sister. s hands. Mommy declares now for punishment you have to do your sister. s chores for a month


Date: Jan 20 2021

NICKI IS A HUNTER AND YOU ARE HER PREY. Man Eater Nicki has found her prey. Like a spider she stalks her mate, taking what she needs from him, not caring for his needs or wants. She pushes him down and jumps on him. they fight each other for orgasms. Nicki Rips her orgasms away from her chosen victim. He may think he has control, but he doesn. t. Her Big Tits Bounce up and down as she pounds down on her preys cock, Taking, always taking. Nicki Ruthlessly Orgasms again and again, she makes sure that her preys cock is ready to give her everything. she even sticks it up in her ass to make sure that when the load she is ready to feed upon is launched, it will be the greatest load that has ever been seen.


Date: Jan 16 2021

I NEED TO TAKE ALL OF WHAT YOU HAVE. The Princess spends money like it is going out of style. She is out cash after spending millions in just a few weeks. Soooo she mugs and kidnappps her favorite rich victim. Jason is walking down the street happy because he just landing a cool million dollars in a successful business dealing. Sadly that is when Brenna AKA The Princess attacks. Jason wakes up to find that he is on the floor with The Princess sitting in a throne above him. She demands his money, when he refuses she decides to wrestle him for it. Afterwards she promises to let him Cum if he gives her the cash and gives him a sexy edging blowjob and handjob, he wants to Cum so badly! Finally Jason relents if she just lets him cum, the money is hers! Stupidly in his excitement to finally cum, he signs The Princess's paper work before she lets him Cum... and The Princess doesn. t believe in keeping her word.


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