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Date: May 14 2024

YOU CAN HAVE AN A+ THAT. S ALL YOU NEED TO SAY. Jessica. s daughter Crystal is not doing well in school. Jessica feels that it is time to take matters into her own hands and perhaps use her and her daughter. s bodies to tempt you, their professor into giving them better grades. Jessica. s mom notices that ever time her daughter moves your dick gets harder and harder She knows that seducing a student can get you in trouble, but she also knows that you can. t resist her daughter. Crystal is not above using her ASS-ets to get exactly what she wants. Mommy and Daughter convince you to take your dick out and begin stroking it to their hot sexy bodies! Now if you don. t give Crystal an A+ you she will tell everybody in the School that you took advantage of her and her mother! Not only that if you don. t behave she won. t allow you to cum on them!


Date: May 10 2024

LOOK INTO MY EYES YOU WANT TO GIVE ME ALL YOUR CUM YOU WANT TO CUM SO HARD IT ENDS YOUR LIFE. You wake up in an Unknown place In an Unknown time. You can. t move, you are trapped by Her Eyes Mesmerized like a mouse transfixed by a snake. That. s exactly the situation. She, Mercedes is a Vampire, and she is toying with you. She feeds on Cum. She drinks so much of it that she will ingest your life completely, and eventually your soul. It will go to feed her Vampiric Essence. She toys with you, bringing you to the edge of damnation, for surly you will be damned after you cum. Her Ruby Red Lips tease your cock, her fangs gently nibble on it, and her tits Her tits are divine. You cannot escape. You are prey to world. s most sexy and devilish Predator. You will not Escape. It. s time to Harvest You. #1 Executrix Clip


Date: May 06 2024

“HEY DADDY WAKE UP!” You wake up to find your Sami, your Step-Daughter licking and stroking your cock which is Rock Hard… and you not able to move! Somehow she has Paralyzed you! Your Heart is beating so fast! She is your favorite daughter, but you are only her plaything. You are a means to an end. You tell her that if she makes you cum you will die… The doctor told you have a heart condition that won’t allow you to get to excited sexually. Sami doesn’t seem to care. In Fact if anything she becomes more sexually aggressive! Sucking you off with her sexy pouty lips, Stroking you with her perfectly manicured fingers, Rubbing her soft squeezable tits all over your dick, Edging you over and over. Sami then forces you to sign your will and last testament with her as the main recipient… And then, her intentions are all too clear.


Date: May 02 2024

I CAN MAKE ALL THE PAIN GO AWAY... FOREVER. Briana, Your Mommy, is upset You are taken far too long to pass into the afterlife! She feels that she is being reasonable you are just being selfish! After all, if you no longer are around, she can collect all that inheritance money! It might be time for to up the ante She has already tried Beating you to De*th and put you into the hospital. Now maybe it. s time for subtlety. Smothering you with her Gigantic Breasts might be good There. s not much you can do to resist you can barely move! She decides to play with your cock as she smothers you with both her tits and eventually her plump ass. you can. t resist. It gets your heart racing at breakneck speeds as she the teases you with her mouth and hands. Every time she Edges you it strains your heart! In the end when she finally she thinks she has Offed you, you manage to gasp for air with an inner strength you didn. t know you possessed You might live for at least one more day...


Date: Apr 28 2024

THIS IS GOING TO TEST YOUR SELF CONTROL. You better hold all of your cum inside for the next 10 days otherwise it. s the end for you. Your Step-Daughter, Karter, is a conniving sexy bitch. She is a very insidious woman. she knows how much you lust after her, how much you like to masturbate to the thought of her. Now she is going to make your dreams come true sort of. She starts jerking you just like you have always wanted, but as you get close to the edge you realize 2 things. One if she does make you cum, you aren. t going to be able to enjoy it, and 2 she is playing fucking games with you! She is enjoying being a sexy cruel vixen to you! She strokes you and rubs you with her long fingered hand, then uses her beautiful titties sliding them up and down. all over your cock! Ultimately it is her mouth that you can. t resist. she vacuums out your load like a funnel. and as it goes out your life ends


Date: Apr 24 2024


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