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Date: Jul 20 2019

MOMMY S MOUTH IS THE SOFTEST & SILKIEST FOR YOUR COCK Are you going to behave? No more looking at other women Junior. You know Mommy has the Biggest and Best Tits. They wrap so perfectly around you cock! And Mommy's Mouth is so soft and silky as she engulfs your cock whole! Gently licking and sucking it as she makes you promise that you will only look at Mommy! She brings you to the brink of orgasm again and again! When will she finally let you cum??? It is almost too much to bear! When she does finally let you Cum you orgasm all over her Big Tits! Mommy has you under her spell completely by now... You will only look at Mommy from now on.


Date: Jul 16 2019

MY MINIATURE CUM SLAVE HUBBY ISN'T EVEN AS BIG AS THE COCKS I FUCK. When I get home from fucking big dicks,my Hubby islucky if I let him crawl inside MY PUSSY to clean out the cum from those big cocks I fucked all day.I allow himto lick and slurp all the jizz from inside My Pussy and if he does a good job, I might use him as my LITTLE HUBBY DILDO TO GET ME OFF ONE MORE TIME. NOW GROVEL FOR THE CHANCE TO MAKE ME CUM, HUBBY. YOU ARE ONLY AS BIG AS MY SEX TOY, SO GET ME OFF WHILE I SQUIRT CUM ALL OVER YOU.Now hubby whip that puny cock out for me and GET IT HARD. I can make it hard and cum with just my two fingers. You are so small that you can only make a tiny droplet of cum AND WHEN YOU DO I MAKE YOU LICK IT OFF MY FINGER. See this CUM FILLED CONDOM. THAT IS WHAT A REAL MANS CUM LOOKS LIKE. I'M GOING TO PUT YOU INSIDE THIS DIRTY CONDOM SO YOU CAN GET A CLOSER LOOK AT REAL MAN CUM.


Date: Jul 08 2019

I NEED A PROPER PUSSY CLEANING. Step-Mommy Lucky needs her Junior to clean her pussy and ass with vigor. She wants Junior to lap up every inch of her pussy juices and make her Cum over and over again. She is going to grind and smother her way to orgasm. She make you tongue her asshole deep. She doesn. t care that you won. t be able to breathe. Her gigantic ass and pussy engulf your entire face without mercy. Mommy doesn. t let you escape until she is done with you completely.


Date: Jul 04 2019

YOU'VE BEEN LOOKING AT ME... AND YOU'RE GOING TO PAY FOR IT! Jessa has invited you over to her house. You are not sure what to expect, but when you get there she informs you that, she has noticed you constantly watching her. She knows you are married to your fat rich wife. She makes it very clear that unless You PAY HER FOR EVERY TIME YOU LOOK AT HER, she is going to inform your wife. She makes sure you get a long hard look at what you can't have... She records you looking. She then tells you you owe her even more money. In fact, you are going to buy this video from her!


Date: Jun 30 2019

WHEN YOU. RE GONE, M GOING TO LIVE A FABUOUS LIFE. You have been Olivia. s Sugar Daddy for years. That might be about to change however, you have a condition that is getting worse by the day. You are always exhausted to the point that you can barely move. In fact your doctor instructed you to forgo all sexual activity because if you have an Orgasm, the odds are that you will croak. Olivia is well aware of your situation, and a couple of weeks back she innocently asked you to sign some papers that would give her control of your fortune when you enter the afterlife. At the time you didn. t think anything of it but now as she strokes and sucks your dick deep in her mouth with an enthusiasm you. ve never seen before you begin to wonder And then it is confirmed. She starts using all of her feminine wiles to coax a major orgasm out of you rubbing her tight titties all over your cock making sure to edge you right to the brink and let your heart palpitate When she is ready for you to have your final orgasm, she wants you last seed to flow inside her, she inserts you deep into her wet pussy stating that when you blast your last load at least you won. t be alone.


Date: Jun 26 2019

ALURA IS GOING TO PUT HER HUSBAND THROUGH A STEP BY STEP PUNISHMENT. Alura is not pleased at all with her husband, he is not meeting her lofty expectations. So she always keeps him locked in a cage, only bringing him out when it is time to administer him punishment. Alura softens him with a whipping. Then she proceeds to Milk the Purvey Filth right out of him! She use her amazing handjob and titjob techniques to make sure that her captive husband will blow a Huge amount of cum out! When she is done, she makes him cleanup and get back into his little Cage House!


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