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Date: May 01 2021

I LOVE TO SUFFOCATE MY VICTIMS. You didn. t realize that you married a super villain. Too bad for you, the only reason Luna married you is because your face is the perfect size to fit inside her plump ass. Your only job as a husband to a sexy super Villainess with a superb booty is to satisfy her pussy. s every need. Your wicked wife loves to bounces her pert Ass right in your face smothering you, grinding her wet pussy all over your tender face. You can. t escape, her ass is to entrancing and far too large. It will take your liiife away.


Date: Apr 27 2021

NOW WE ARE MARRIED, NOW WE CAN FUCK, WRONG! HUBBY HAS BEEN WAITING YEARS TO HAVE SEX, BUT WIFEY MADE HIM WAIT UNTIL THE HONEYMOON. Now they are married and the HONEYMOON IS HERE. But his WIFE HAS OTHER PLANS FOR HIS DICK. She makes him wear a strap-on Dildo where his cock should be, and SHE WILL NOT FUCK HIS REAL COCK, ONLY THE FAKE ONE. She keeps his cock hard, but WON'T LET IT CUM. She gets all the pleasure from the fake cock, and keeps promising to fuck him. But her promises are empty, and his pleasure is denied.SHE IS THE ONE IN CHARGE AND HIS COCK IS PERMANENTLY UNDER HER CONTROL. - SELFISH COCK-BLOCKING WIFE KATIE KOX.


Date: Apr 23 2021

I WANT MORE. I ALWAYS WANT MORE. Jason is being stalked. He is an extremely successful business man worth millions of dollars. Brenna Sparks AKA THE PRINCESS wants his money. In particular, she wants One Million Dollars. She has in the past already successfully extorted another million out of him. The Princess knows an easy mark when she sees one. This time Jason is at a strip club that he frequents when The Princess makes her move. She tempts him into the back room with her tight body and gigantic firm tits. Once there she removes her mask and Mesmerizes him until he Passes out. When he wakes up he finds himself on the floor of the VIP room with his dick in The Princesses. hands. Jason has a burning desire to cum unlike anything he has felt in the past. Brenna teases him with her hands, her tits and Her Luscious mouth Never letting him Cum. Finally her agrees to pay her the Million Dollars she has been demanding form him if she lets him Cum. He signs the money over to her. She stands up and walks away, leaving him high and dry. She doesn. t help him cum. He has just been suckered by The Princess


Date: Apr 19 2021

I LIKE YOU. MAYBE YOU CAN HELP ME M VERY VERY HUNGRY. Look deeply into Aj. s mesmerizing eyes. She wants to tell you something. She wants you to believe her with all of your being. She is Hungry and only you can help her. Only You. Once AJ has you completely under her spell she begins her work of priming your body to give her the right kind of Cum, the Perfect Texture and taste. She uses her mouth to please and tease you her hands edge you gracefully making you squirm for release and then her amazing ass finally has you erupting with the largest load you have ever given So AJ can feed off you to her hearts content.


Date: Apr 15 2021

“DADDY LICK IT ALL UP!” Jillian’s Step Daddy is enjoying a nice quiet evening at home when Jillian comes into the room and informs him that she will be going out for the evening. Daddy makes the mistake of saying that Jillian’s Dress looks inappropriate for going out, that she looks like a whore! Jillian is not happy about this and decides to show her Daddy what a real whore does. She starts masturbating in front of Daddy making him get down on his knees… Then she SQUIRTS ALL OVER HIM… Over and Over again! Nothing can make this little step Daughter Cum like Daddy’s Face. She makes Daddy lick up and swallow all her squirt cum. When she is Orgasmicly satisfied, she heads out for the evening with her date.


Date: Apr 11 2021

CUCK WHORE HUBBY !!! He stays in the corner, blindfolded, like a good Hubby, while his Wife goes out and fucks Big Black Studs. She brings home a very special dessert for him from Her Date. Cream filling from a big load of some black BASKETBALL PLAYER BALLS. She has been fucking Giant Cocks, while he is supposed to be on an Ass stretching program to make it bigger, so GIANT BLACK COCKS WILL FIT IN HIS ASS. He has to clean out the cum from her pussy. So She can makes him blow bubbles of curm from his mouth. She makes him hang waits on his cock to make it bigger. The only way you get to cum is with your cock smashed up against the inside of it's fucking cage. Wifey milks out his nasty hubby filth droplets that She then makes him eat.


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