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Date: Jul 06 2021

NO CUMMING UNTIL AFTER WE ARE MARRIED! Mommy Mercedes has a plan. Her dead husband did not leave her the family fortune the way he was supposed to. Instead, he died and left everything to his son. Now Mercedes is a widow without a fortune. It. s time to take matters into Mommy. s Own Hands. First she calls her son into her office. And then the fun begins. Mercedes happens to be a trained HYYYPNOTHERAPIST, she calmly takes out her cell phone that has an app installed on it, which allows her to Mesmerize her son! She enforces ideas which will allow her to control her son by his Cock and his Need to Cum! Next as she deepens his Mesmerization by stroking his cock with her hands and tits, she informs him that the only way Mommy will every let him cum is when he has married Mommy and signed over his inheritance to her.


Date: Jul 02 2021

I WANT MY OWN COUNTRY YOU ARE GOING TO BUY ME MY OWN COUNTRY. Your spoiled Princess Brat wife, Victoria, is furious with you. She went to the store and her Credit Card was declined. The card had a ridiculously Huge Limit! She is never satisfied! In order to get what she wants, Victoria has decided that there is no choice. she is going to put you under her Mesmerizing spell. She approaches you from behind and forces you to look into a special Hyypn00 application on her phone She promises to do Very Naughty Things to you if you get her everything she wants. which of course just happens to be everything. Then to reinforce her will on you, she starts playing with you and teasing you sexually Sucking and licking your rock her dick with her amazing pouty lips She Strokes you with her soft rich smooth hands. Hands that have never done hard work in their lives. She Teases you, Edges you. Telling you everything she wants Tells you how much money you are going to consistently put out for a Bratty Spoiled Princess Wife like her. The only way for you to break her spell is for you to Cum Can you? Watch and find out.


Date: Jun 28 2021

DOES IT HURT? IíM SENDING ALL YOUR BLOOOD FROM YOUR HEART TO YOUR DICK. Nurse Luna comes into her Special Treatment RoomÖ You canít move because she has given you a paralytic muscle relaxer. First, She tricks you into signing Life Insurance papers over to her and her clinic. Then, she injects you with a large syringe that has liquid Viagra inside it. Then Out come her Big Round Tits! Your weak heart is in for its last beats as she uses her mouth to Suck more Life out of you! She Edges you until you are about to Cum over and over again. Then when she Rubs Her Big Soft Tits around your dick, Your Heart Truly Hurts! You can't contain your Cum! You have become Nurse Lunaís latest victim! #1 TITJOB CLIP!


Date: Jun 24 2021

THIS AMAZING BOOTY WILL BE YOUR LAST SIGHT BEFORE YOU GO TO THE AFTERLIFE. You arrive at Julie. s place expecting a sexy session with Julie and her amazing assets, her Ample Ass and Her Tits are awe inspiring! The first thing she does is lay you down on her bed to make sure you are comfortable. Next she says she needs you to sign some preliminary paperwork before she begins. You are extremely excited and after seeing her amazing body you don. t hesitate to sign! After the paperwork is done she gives you a pill to take which you presume is Viagra You can. t imagine anybody would have a problem getting it up for Julie, but if that is what she wants, you will do it. This is when things start getting dodgy. Julie explains that the paper you just signed was the rights to your inheritance (signed over to her). and the pill you swallowed wasn. t Viagra. It was a new druggg that paralyzes you and will killlll you when you cum! Julie begins Rubbing her hands all over your rock hard cock bringing you to the edge, but you try to resist She Titty Fucks you and it becomes clear she is fucking with you. She can end you at any time with her amazing blowjob skills. Julie hotdogs you, giving you an Assjob that almost sends you to Oblivion. Finally it. s time to end you, and she does. You blow out your load in a gigantic blast that destroys you and makes Julie a much wealthier woman.


Date: Jun 20 2021

EAT MY PUSSY UNTIL YOU ADMIT I AM THE BEST! Moka Mora and Eric are step siblings with an intense rivalry. Moka is a top class Hula Hoop artist with skills that astound the senses. Her step brother Eric on the other hand well, he says he is the best. He says that all the girls fall for his amazing Hula boy charms. Moka is having none of it. Moka beats Eric down with her Hula Hoop and decides to put his fast running mouth to a much better use. Eating her Pussy and Ass Juice! She makes Eric. s tongue dive deep into her cunt and lick it clean! Moka keeps him in place with her Hula Hoop which turns out to have more than one purpose. Before Eric can escape, Moka makes sure to get as many orgasms as his face and tongue can give her!


Date: Jun 16 2021

YOURE GOING TO DO EVERYTHING I TELL YOU TO M GOING TO GET EVERYTHING I WANT. You. ve taken the wife to a shabby Fort Lauderdale hotel for a vacation. The room is a bit used but hey, it. s Fort Lauderdale it. s a beach party town, it. s to be expected! Unfortunately, Victoria, your young hot wife does not get the value of staying in a dump like this. She is going to use her secret super power. Her Giant Plump tits are mesmerizing and she is going to put you under her spell. You can. t stop from staring deep into them Watch them sway back and forth up and down in and out They are so Full So Round So perfect. You would do anything for the chance to squeeze, suck and fuck those magnificent Titties. You are going to pleasure her and give her whatever she wants. She wants lots of money and lots of orgasms. All of the orgasms you have given her before were fake! She is ready for her real Orgasms now. She sits on your face and makes you eats her sweet juicy pussy to orgasm. After Victoria Orgasms, it. s time for some revenge. She take out you stiff dick and begins to stroke it until the edge. You are about to Cum, but she denies you! Over and Over again She does the same with her galactic size tits! It is pure Hell.


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