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Date: Dec 22 2021

LICK THEM LIKE THE LITTLE BOOT PUPPY YOU ARE! Princess Kealin has you deep under her control. You are addicted to her... to her body and her boots. Princess Kaelin tells you how it is. How you are a loser and the only thing you are really good for is licking her high heeled boots to a shine... Until your tongue feels like rough sand paper, and until the top and bottom of her boots are completely free of any dirt or debris.


Date: Dec 31 2021

You are hooked up to an elaborate electric shock system. The closer you getting orgasm the more intense the shocks! Julie starts off soft Stroking your cock through your pants. Even that is hard to resist! You have an instant boner! It gets tougher though! You are going to have to survive her Wicked Tempting Tongue, Her Wet Moist Mouth, Her Juicy Buoyant Titties, and her Hot Dogging Ass of Amazement! Nobodies won the Million yet, will you be the first?!?


Date: Jan 02 2021

THE ULTIMATE TEASE & DENIALIt's the ultimate Tease & Denial. Jasmeen knows all about your heart condition. The Doctor told you no physical activity! Jasmeen has sedated you so you can't move on the pretense of making sure you don't hurt you heart with any exercise... It's rock hard for Jasmeen's soft Big Tits, her smooth Hands, and her Velvet wet Mouth which swallows up your cock! As she brings you to the Brink of Orgasm again and again, Jasmeen subtly asks what the codes to the safe are... Did you transfer the Yacht to her name? Life Insurance is signed to her... Then she stops her game of Tease and Denial. Her Edging is over and she pleasures you to the Biggest Orgasm of your life!


Date: Dec 27 2021

Wake Up! Wake Up!! Do you know where you are??? m going to be you. re next wife. You wake up not knowing where you are, bound and hooded (All you can see through the hood is the Woman) An extremely hot chick stands before you and tells you that you are going to get divorced. That you are going to be her new husband. You protest but she is So Hot! Then she starts to stroke your dick. She wants you to sign your divorce papers. She Strokes You, She Sucks You, She Titfucks You. She brings you to the edge Orgasm time and time again. But She won. t let you Cum until you sign the papers She is determined to make you hers. and what Luna wants... Luna gets. When you finally do sign, she doesn. t let you Cum. She has what she came for.


Date: Dec 23 2021

ARE YOU GOING TO MARRY ME AND GIVE ME EVERYTHING? JUST SAY YES. Luna Star is a Hula Hooping Goddess some might even call her The Goddess Of The Hoop She is practicing her strict Hula routine when Jason comes into her gym and declares himself the Hula Hoop Guru of Hawaii. He proceeds to scoff at the amazing Luna. s Mad Hula Skills. This is not going to end well for Jason, Luna demands to see his Hula skills which it seems he is lacking He says he is just getting distracted by Luna. Luna however, sees through the heart of the situation. she sees his raging hard dick and decides to take advantage. Luna quickly deduces that he is a rich boy who doesn. t get enough pussy. She decides to have some fun at his expense. She informs Jason that she will not let him Cum unless he marries her and gives her Everything she wants.


Date: Dec 19 2021

If you listen to your Hot wife Briana, she is actually quite straight forward. Whether you choose to listen to her is another story. She hasn�t quite gotten you to sign life insurance papers for her, but she is working on the problem. Today she says she is going to do you a favor and strengthen your breath capacity. In reality it�s just a way for her to fuck with you and test your limits. . So� She decides to Smother you with her Gigantic tits! Then she makes you eat out her pussy and ends up riding your face to Orgasm while you suffer!


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