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Date: Apr 03 2021


Date: Mar 30 2021

I WANT YOU TO GET A DIVORCE! The man Kristina has her eye on has not divorced his wife as fast as she would like him to. She expects him to quickly Divorce her, then Marry her. After all, who wouldn. t want to marry a sexy hot girl like Kristina! It time to take matters into her own hands. Kristina pulls him down to the mat by his ear, and then decides to use her strong legs to perform a variety of scissorholds that leave him gasping for breath. Afterwards she takes his rock hard cock out of his pants and proceeds to tease and taunt it with her Lovely Lips and Soft Hands Bringing him to the edge of Orgasm then denying him a release of pent up Cum! Over and over she does this. Finally, she uses her strong legs to choke back his Orgasm. In the End, he is begging to marry her and promises to divorce his not so hot wife!


Date: Mar 26 2021

MOMMIE DOESN'T LIKE WHAT SHE HAS BEEN HEARING FROM THE FEMALE PROFESSORS AT SCHOOL. They told her that junior has been checking them out and getting hard-ons. Mommie is the only one that junior can get hard for, and She will show him all the ways She can make it hard. IT IS HERS, SHE OWNS IT. SHE SUCKS IT, SHE BITES IT, SHE FUCKS IT, SHE MILKS IT WITH HER TITS. She has all kinds of ways to milk your fucking cum, AND SHE IS GOING TO MILK IT INTO YOUR MOUTH AND YOU WILL EAT IT. You want to, because I Fucking Say So! -


Date: Mar 22 2021

MASTER BLAST YOUR CUM AND MONEY TO YOUR WIFEY. S PURSE. Julie comes into her husband. s office to make a business deal with her hubby. Julie knows Hubby can. t resist her amazingly big gigantic ass. He is a lucky guy to be her husband. After all she makes she that he worships her juicy booty every day. Today Julie has an ulterior motive. She wants to make sure that her allowance is raised high enough so that she can buy anything she wants to. Julie manipulates her husband using her soft, smooth hands to stroke his cock, and then she buries Hubby. s face into her ass making him lick it clean. Afterwards comes a nice Big Titty rubdown all over Hubby. s aching cock. He wants to explode!!! Lastly Julie sticks Hubby. s cock right between her Gigantic Ass Cheeks and gives him the Ass Job of a Lifetime. After that, Hubby cannot contain himself and explodes with cum like he never has before!!! Julie is going to get everything she wants.


Date: Mar 18 2021

“I’M GOING TO MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE TONIGHT… MAYBE.” Hello little brother… I know you’ve been thinking about me… Fantasizing about me every night. Thinking about my big Titties. Wouldn’t you like my Tits in your mouth? I can see how excited you are. I know you want your hard cock in my mouth… Between my Giant Tits. Well if you help me out… I can help you out. I know your Dad has a Huge Trust fund just waiting for you. Here’s the thing. I want in on it. I can make you feel so good… Just get me into the trust fun. In fact as soon as I make you cum… Go get it. I have so many expensive things to buy.


Date: Mar 14 2021

YOUR JOB AS ONE OF MY MINIONS IS TO MAKE ME COME AT LEAST 30-40 TIMES A DAY. Your job as a minion to the Red Fox will involve Face Sitting, Ass Smothering, Tit Smothering, and at the end the day you will be Milked so hard that you have no energy left to escape the Red Foxes clutches. She is going to make sure you are engulfed in her ass and pussy as she gets off on your face over and over again. After this, the Milking process begins, she as strokes your cock and then sucks and slurps it like a Lollipop. Finally you can take no more and you blast a huge load into her waiting mouth. You are drained and used up, Your Cum just food for The Red Fox. You are Trapped to remain in The Red Foxes Service Forever.


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