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Date: Dec 23 2021

ARE YOU GOING TO MARRY ME AND GIVE ME EVERYTHING? JUST SAY YES. Luna Star is a Hula Hooping Goddess some might even call her The Goddess Of The Hoop She is practicing her strict Hula routine when Jason comes into her gym and declares himself the Hula Hoop Guru of Hawaii. He proceeds to scoff at the amazing Luna. s Mad Hula Skills. This is not going to end well for Jason, Luna demands to see his Hula skills which it seems he is lacking He says he is just getting distracted by Luna. Luna however, sees through the heart of the situation. she sees his raging hard dick and decides to take advantage. Luna quickly deduces that he is a rich boy who doesn. t get enough pussy. She decides to have some fun at his expense. She informs Jason that she will not let him Cum unless he marries her and gives her Everything she wants.


Date: Dec 19 2021

If you listen to your Hot wife Briana, she is actually quite straight forward. Whether you choose to listen to her is another story. She hasn�t quite gotten you to sign life insurance papers for her, but she is working on the problem. Today she says she is going to do you a favor and strengthen your breath capacity. In reality it�s just a way for her to fuck with you and test your limits. . So� She decides to Smother you with her Gigantic tits! Then she makes you eat out her pussy and ends up riding your face to Orgasm while you suffer!


Date: Dec 14 2021

IT'S AN AWESOME LOAD. OPEN YOUR FUCKING MOUTH WIDE HUBBY, IT'S GOING TO BE DELICIOUS! HUBBY IS KEPT IN THE CLOSET WITHOUT FOOD, WHILE HIS WIFE AND HER SEXY GIRLFRIEND ARE OUT PARTYING. They get back to a hungry hungry hubby and MILK OUT HIS CUM FOR HIM TO EAT. They snack in front of him to make him beg for food. They use him, make him hard and more hungry and use his cock for their satisfaction. SUCKING AND FUCKING HIS COCK AND BALLS to be sure he gets a big dinner. It's all part of their devious plan to FEED HIM A BIG LOAD OF HIS OWN CUM.


Date: Dec 09 2021

Briana’s been shockingly cut out of her dead husbands will. She is furious… But she thinks that there is a way to make everything better. She is going to convince her Step-Son to Marry Her! She knows that her step-son cannot resist her Gigantic Tits and Her Beautiful Face! When she decides sexually tempt him, he cannot resist. She sucks on his cock with her perfect dick sucking lips then she Engulfs his cock in her Basketball Sized Tits. She Rubs his hard shaft with her perfectly manicured hands. He wants to Cum but she won’t let him! Her son tries to protest. He tries to stop his aching Blue Balls. He can’t. He is finally agrees to Marry her just so she will let him cum. But she doesn’t. Brianna won’t let him Cum until the ceremony is done. Nobody Cuts Briana out of a Will.


Date: Dec 05 2021

The Super Villain, RED FOX (Shay Fox) gets caught while trying to steal a statue made of pure gold. Lucky for her she has weapons that cannot be seen by the naked eye. After immobilizing the hapless security guard she proceeds to seduce him and take his soul inch by inch. Her Supple hands stroke his shaft Her Luscious Large Lips wrap themselves around the head of his cock like a vice that refuses to let go. He wants to Cum so Bad!!! Her Gigantic Tits engulf his cock and he loses himself further and further into the abyss that is her body. Finally she makes him blast his Enormous Load And he is hers forever.


Date: Dec 01 2021

IT FEELS SO GOOD GRINDING ON DADDY'S FACE! Daddy is wondering where in the world Jillian is, he. s been staying up waiting for her. She hasn. t had the consideration to text or call him. When she finally gets home, she looks like a complete slut, her nipples are poking through her shirt, her shorts are too short, and obviously she is not wearing a bra. When Daddy decides to lay down the law, the tables are turned on him. Jillian has observed the way her Daddy looks at her And she is STRESSED OUT! Because of her Daddies constant attentions and bothering her, she hasn. t been able to fuck her boyfriend and cum 20 times a day like she usually does. She needs to make herself happy, she needs to find a way to have more orgasms! Jillian hatches a plan. Jillian is going to make her Daddy Service her needs, she rides his face and tongue until she comes all across his face. She Rubs her wet tender pussy all over his face and tongue until She cums again and again. Over and over, until she finally squirts all over her Daddy!


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