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Date: Nov 27 2021

“IF YOU EVER LIE TO ME AGAIN, I WILL GIVE YOU A FUCKING HEART ATTACK.” The Lesson is, Don’t lie to you Super MILF wife BRIANA BANKS. Brianna is going to get some answers out of you. Briana knows you have a weak heart. she also knows you haven’t signed the life insurance papers over to her like you said you would. She just wants to see if you are going to lie to her about it. She has you chained up in her private dungeon under the house. She gets you very excited before getting her answers. Teasing you, getting you excited, and edging you almost to orgasm before stopping… leaving your Blue Balls twitching and your heart pounding with pain. She smothers you with her galactic giant Amazon tits… then Sucks out all the Pre-Cum of your poor Blue Balls, and tugs your cock with her amazing hands. Then after catching you in your lies… she leaves you chained up with no release… Just Suffering on the Cross of Despair.


Date: Nov 23 2021


Date: Nov 19 2021

YOUR HEART IS A MUSCLE. YOUR MUSCLE IS WEAK. Eva. s husband. s doctor says that he keeps having panic attacks, because he is not in properly shape. She feels that she needs to do her wifely duty and help to get her hubby into shape. She starts with some wrestling moves and strong Scissorholds. Eva chokes off his air supply. she say it will help him with his breathing issues. Then, she rips off his shorts and starts to stretch out his dick with her feet. She is constantly squeezing, stretching, rubbing bringing him to the edge and denying orgasm. Poor hubby is so excited and frustrated at the same time! Finally it. s all he can take! Eva better have 911 on speed dial!


Date: Nov 15 2021

LET'S SEE IF YOUR DICK CAN PERFORM AS WELL AS MY HULA HOOP. Moka Mora. s step brother is convinced he is the Hula champion of the family. In fact, he feels he has a significant advantage over his sister because he has an appendage that he can use to impress to people with His Dick. He says he can spin a Hula Hoop on his Cock. He calls his penis his Dick Hooper. Moka, after hearing this erupts in laughter. She knows that she is the premium Hula champion of the family and that her brother is just a wannabe who secretly lusts after her. She decides to have some fun with him. She pushes him down on the couch and starts to display her skills in front of him. It. s quickly obvious that Moka. s brother is getting very turned on watching her perform. She makes him lie down and starts to stroke him. She wants to see how his Dick Hooper performs under pressure from her soft hands and wet mouth wrapped around it. He wants to cum but she won. t let him! Over and over she toys with him proving who really champion of the family is.


Date: Nov 11 2021

1. Wear HER Bridle and Bit, all day until SHE gets home.
2. Worship HER heels and stocking feet.
3. Oink like a pig if you want to speak to M0MMIE.
4. Beg for HER to Zip-Tie your cock and balls.
5. Suck and Gag on Mommies Cock, and promise to get better at it.
6. Be Step-Mommies Ottoman.
7. Make your cock hard for Her nylon feet.
8. INHALE MOMMIES Panties and Ass.
9. Make your FILTHY COCK be M0MMIES TOY.



Date: Nov 07 2021


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