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Date: Aug 09 2021

STEP-MOMMIE USES JUNIOR AS HER PUSSY CUM CLEANER. Junior is awoken in the middle of the night by Mommie to do his job. She's been out fucking and has a pussy full for him to clean. If he wants to be a good boy he needs to do what She tells him. She keeps his cock locked in chastity, on a leash and if he does a good job, She may, take it out and play with it. It turns Mommie on to torture his cock while he has to clean her pussy. As a reward she shoves his face between her Big Breasts. She rubs his cage against her sweet wet pussy, But he is denied any release from his cage. His meals are cum while his cock is denied. - Ruthless Step-MommieNikitaVon James


Date: Aug 05 2021


Date: Aug 01 2021

DADDY I WANT EVERYTHING. Nora. s Step Dad walks into her changing room and observes that she is taking selfies with really skimpy clothing. Realizing that her Dad is being a pest and won. t easily go away, Nora decides to take advantage of her Step-Daddy. s pervy weakness in order to get what she wants. Nora uses her sexy body teasing her step-father with naughty poses before finally taking his dick out of his pants. At this point her Daddy is firmly under her control. She is going to ask for all sorts of things, a higher allowance, a new cheerleading outfits, a car as she sucks and teases his rock hard cock, and then, her lust overcomes her and she decides to fuck Daddy. s Dick! Daddy is going to give her everything!


Date: Jul 28 2021

A BOSS BITCH LIKE ME NEEDS TO CUM 250 TIMES A DAY. Nina is Training her new Husband/Employee to be ready for his duty as a Husband/employee subservient to her. The first step to this is making sure he can properly take a strong Face Sitting for Nina! After all, Nina. s Orgasms are the most important part of a marriage Boss employee relationship. Nina is going to grind all over your face, smothering your it, she makes sure you can only breathe her Pussy Air and Ass Air. She makes sure your tongue goes deep into her dripping wet pussy and into her lightly fragrant asshole. She bounces hard all over your face making sure to get as many orgasms as she can out of your face The question is, How long will You, Your Tongue, and Your Face Last???


Date: Jul 24 2021

“IF YOU DON’T DO EXACTLY WHAT I SAY THESE PICTURES ARE GOING EVERYWHERE!” Street Hustler Cindy Starfall is offered $50’000 to Find, Kidnap, and Abuse a random male Mascot. The fun begins when a Mascot in a Penguin outfit is spotted walking down the street. What does Cindy do? She and her henchman jump out of their truck, then grab and restrain the mascot. Next they take off to a hidden location where the shenanigans begin! She starts off by taking pictures of her sexy face right by the poor mascot’s dick. She can use these for Blackmail to ensure the mascot will do whatever she wants him to! Then the fuckery begins, she tortures the poor guy by bring him to the edge of Orgasm again and again! First she uses her hands vigorously on his cock edging him that way! He wants to Cum so badly, but she won’t let him! Then she uses her tight ass, rubbing it up and down his shaft! Next she sticks her Dainty feet all over his Dick! He Begs and Writhes, he wants to burst so badly! But she won’t listen! Then she uses her mouth and gives him a taste of the best Blowjob he has ever had in his life… But she just won’t let him Cum! Finally she kicks him out… He is Left to waddle on the street with a raging Boner and no Relief!


Date: Jul 20 2021

MOMMY S MOUTH IS THE SOFTEST & SILKIEST FOR YOUR COCK Are you going to behave? No more looking at other women Junior. You know Mommy has the Biggest and Best Tits. They wrap so perfectly around you cock! And Mommy's Mouth is so soft and silky as she engulfs your cock whole! Gently licking and sucking it as she makes you promise that you will only look at Mommy! She brings you to the brink of orgasm again and again! When will she finally let you cum??? It is almost too much to bear! When she does finally let you Cum you orgasm all over her Big Tits! Mommy has you under her spell completely by now... You will only look at Mommy from now on.


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