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Date: Mar 10 2021

YOU ARE GOING TO REMEMBER THIS FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! It's Your birthday! 3 Strippers have invited you to the Strip club for a special birthday treat! First they make sure you have popped a Viagra, then they make sure you are wearing the special chastity device that they asked you to! You're dick is engorged in the Chastity Device! Then the women start playing with you... Giving you Handjobs, Blowjobs, and finally fucking you! Unfortunately you are in Chastity the whole time! The Chastity Device won't let you get fully erect! It's Hell! Poor Chastity Fucker! It's so tight your dick turns purple! Finally your Dick erupts within the Chastity device! The Strippers collect your cum in a condom and rub it all over your face!


Date: Mar 06 2021

MILKING FILTHY COCKS TO EMPTY BALLS... WILL SAVE THE WORLD. Nasty Penises cannot be allow to be inside a Woman. They must be EMPTIED OF CUM.RAQUELwill not allow any little disgusting cock to have cum inside, they must be milked and drained at her command. Every drop must come out and every orgasm ruined. -RAQUELSIEB


Date: Mar 02 2021

THIS HOUSE HAS A STRANGE EFFECT ON PEOPLE. Monica and Chad are 2 step siblings whose parents have said they need to move out of the house. So they go to check a rental in the odd part of town. When they knock on the door it is answer by a really strange guy. He tells them that this house has a strange effect on families Suddenly after a bunch of weird feelings in the air. a sibling lust is burning in Monica and her step-brothers groins. Monica passionately kisses her brother! She couldn. t control her desire and neither can he! Monica has turned into a minx! She whips out her brothers cock and begins to toy with it, play with it tease it She edges him back and forth he can barely resist cumming. Then suddenly and uncontrollably her brother can hold back no longer and he busts a load deep into Monica. s throat. The spell of the house shatters the siblings are horrified at what has happened


Date: Feb 26 2021

THERE. S GOING TO BE A LOT OF CUMMING TODAY! It. s just not going to be you. You. ve waited for marriage to be able to cum all over your wife. s perfect beautiful face It was years of dating! Sadly it looks like you are going to have to wait even longer, because the only face that is going to be cum on, during this honeymoon is yours! Kristina, your new wife, informs you that it is your Husbandly duty to eat her pussy and make sure she gets multiple orgasms in a row She expects you to have a strong tongue after all that. s why she married you, not for your dick. She makes you go deep into her pussy and Perfect ass. She makes sure you keep eating until the orgasms start rolling in. Then after they do she want to make sure you eat out every last drop of Cum from her tight pussy!


Date: Feb 18 2021

YOU CAN. T STOP ME FROM STROKING YOU AFTER ALL, YOU CAN. T MOVE! Alura comes in to the living room and notices that you are on the floor unmoving You have had a stroke! She knows that you have had health problems. the family doctor has forbidden you from having sex because it will KiiiiiLLL you. Sadly now you can. t move and Alura has the opportunity to Take Care of You without anyone being the wiser. She begins stroking you, your dick can. t resist, and you can. t move to get away from her! Every time she brings you to the edge of orgasm you heart starts pumping faster and faster, the pain is unbearable! But you dick doesn. t car. it is a Rock Hard Mast. Alura. s giant Tits and Soft hands are too much for it to resist! In the End You are wiped out And no one will ever know the truth.


Date: Feb 14 2021

YOU LOOK SO CUTE AND HELPLESS LYING ON MY BED. AJ the Vamp straddles you. She says Now that you have you have your mask off you can do something for me. She sits her wet Pussy and Ass onto your face and starts to grind. stranding you tongue deep inside her wet pussy with no escape. If you want me to touch your dick, you have to make me Cum first. After AJ has a large orgasm, she makes her way down to your cock. AJ begins to suck and edge you over and over again. After all this is who she is, She is a Cum Vampire, surviving off your sperm draining you of your essence. Lick, Suck, Edge Repeat Until you are ready to explode. When you do Finally Pop Deep into her mouth You Cum so much you cannot move afterwards Drained Spent Used Up.


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