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Date: Jan 12 2021

YOUR WIFE WANTS YOU TO BE HER LITTLE CUM CLEANER! Your wife has dropped you off to Dr. Treasure. s and Nurse Brands office to become their patient. Your wife would like you to become her Cuckold and her Cum Clean up boy and she would also like you to become her bisexual bitch. First they have to punish your naughty cock, when you enter their office you are encased in a spiked chastity device which they don. t hesitate to slap while it is on your dick! They use their Bulging Biceps, Giant Tits, and Muscular bodies to their full advantage! Humiliation is another tactic as they force you to walk around like a sad puppy with a leash around your cock. All the while they subvert your thought process, turning you into the ultimate cuck. Then while playing with your cock they force you to look at a picture of a hot guy telling you that from now on you will be turned on by it! After this therapy You will be!


Date: Jan 08 2021

VE NEVER TOUCHED A WHITE GUY. S CUM BEFORE. IT DISGUSTS ME. That was the best wedding ve ever had. Which leads to the question how many weddings has your wife, Casey, had?? You. ve just gotten home from your wedding, and you can. t wait to ravage your wife! Unfortunately the first thing she says to you is You don. t have permission to touch me. In facts she says the only reason to have a husband is for financial stability. not for fucking. Casey says, I only Fuck Black Guys. What. s worse is that you have been saving yourself for marriage, in other words, you are a virgin. You wife finds this hilarious and pathetic. Not only has she never seen a virgin. s dick before Your dick is so small! She decides to examine it as she verbally degrades it. She says your penis is like a Polly Pocket Toy. Very Tiny. She decides to give you a handjob while showing you what a hot wife she is What a Big Black Cock gets to fuck. The handjob is a taste of what you can never have! You are not allowed to cum But you can. t hold it in!


Date: Jan 04 2021

YOU DO HAVE A LOT OF MONEY...AND STEP_MOMMY WANTS IT ALL! Guess what Step-Mommy found... Your Diary! In it you say how much you would like to fuck her and get her to do kinky things to you. Step Mommy might be nice to you... if you sign over your inheritance! She is going to toy with you, edging you time and time again until you are ready to explode, Then to calm you down she fucks you with her legs and stuffs her feet into your face! Then finally she lets you explode! But she keeps jerking your cock, you have nothing more to give but she doesn't stop! Not until you sign over your inheritance over to her! Now she owns everything you have... Including you.


Date: Dec 31 2021

YOU POOR D..EAD LITTLE THING... Nurse Luna's Clinic is running out of money... She has expensive tastes. The way the Clinic makes money is: SUCKERS. She brings in wealthy patients who have health problems, then lovingly helps them to the final REST. After they have signed away all of their earthly property to her! She seduces them with her gorgeous face... Her Sexy Foreign Accent, and her Gigantic Tits! It's too much for most patients to handle. They Diiie and leave everything to Nurse Luna. Actually Nurse Luna gets really turned on by this! She keeps all her former rich patients in a special urn... And masturbates to them every day! She kisses the Urn, Strips for it, Licks it, Rubs it between her Massive Tits! ...Maybe the former Patients are actually the Lucky ones!


Date: Dec 27 2021

DOES THAT FEEL GOOD? DON. T LET IT FEEL TOO FUCKING GOOD YOU KNOW HOW I LIKE MY MEALS NICE AND PRIMED. Courtney. s Minion has a tough yet ultimately rewarding existence. Courtney feeds off his Cum every day. The thing is though that she needs her meal to be perfect. This means as she sucks and slobbers all over you cock You will be edged. Edged until you almost explode with the needs to Cum. Courtney will Grind all over your Cock with her glistening wet pussy lips. You wish with all of your might that she would allow you to stick your raging hard dick inside her.. But she won. t. The incredible ache of your balls continues. Now you really want to explode! Next she puts your dick between her incredible ass cheeks and she orders you to Cum You Erupt like a Volcano! Then she feeds in earnest.


Date: Dec 23 2021

I LOVE STROKING GOLD AND A COCK AT THE SAME TIME! The Super Villain, RED FOX (Shay Fox) gets caught while trying to steal a statue made of pure gold. Lucky for her she has weapons that cannot be seen by the naked eye. She is a Soul Sucking Vampire. After immobilizing the hapless security guard she proceeds to seduce him and take his soul inch by inch slowing but inevitably making him her minion for life. Each time Shay edges the guard, he sinks deeper and deeper under her control. Her Supple hands stroke his shaft Her Luscious Large Lips wrap themselves around the head of his cock like a vice that refuses to let go. He wants to Cum so Bad!!! Her Gigantic Tits engulf his cock and he loses himself further and further into the abyss that is her body. Finally she makes him blast his Enormous Load And he is hers forever.



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