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Date: Nov 01 2021

STEP-BROTHER, I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME UNTIL I CUM YOU GIVE ME BABIES. Moka brings in her Step-Brother by the doggy leash he belongs on. He has just lost a hula hoop competition to her and now he has to do whatever she says. The first thing she says is that she wants to him to impregnate her and give her the Hula Hooping Babies she richly deserves. Moka pushes him down on to couch and sits her perfect ass right down onto his rock hard cock. Next she begins to bounce up and down on top of it. eliciting cries and moans of pleasure as she works her way to orgasm. Moka works over her brother. s dick until he blasts a load and pushes it deep into her wet cunt, giving her the babies she desperately wants.


Date: Oct 28 2021

GOT TO TRAIN YOUR TONGUE TO BE STRONG. Crystal. s step-son needs some extra attention and training. He has a very bad habit of not paying attention and getting distracted by thing like Tits and Ass and all women in general. Well Mommy is not going to put up with it! Crystal starts off with some strong Face Sitting, shoving his face deep inside her pussy as she rides him for all he is worth. Crystal notices that Junior is getting a huge Boner! So she decides to put him into some Strong Scissorholds and Leg Locks! Junior. s face gets very Red! Afterwards when she sees that Juniors Dick has only gotten bigger she decides that it is time for more drastic measures. Mommy takes his dick deep inside her mouth and sucks out every last drop of cum. After this Junior can no longer move. Mission Accomplished.


Date: Oct 24 2021

IF YOU AGREE TO CUM YOU AGREE IT. S TIME FOR YOUR BODY TO EXPIRE. First Your Mother Mercedes Mesmerized you into Marrying her after your Father died Then your Mommy/Wife used her special HyyyPNOSIS to make you agree into signing over your inheritance your Father left you after he passed to her And now she has you Mesmerized so deeply that if you have agreed that if you Cum, You will diiie. So the question is How bad do you want to cum? The answer is: you want to Cum so badly you would do anything to be able to Orgasm. HOW DO YOU DECIDE BETWEEN CUMMING AND LIFE??? Mercedes Tits and mouth are so Tempting and you are completely under her control. She Edges you by stroking your shaft sexily, by sucking your cock like her mouth is a vacuum, Titfucking you until almost Blow But you are not allowed to Diiie until she gives permission. When she finally does, you cum so hard your heart explodes in your chest due to her Hyyypnotic commands.



Date: Oct 20 2021

I KNOW I CAN CONVINCE YOU MOMMY DOESN. T HAVE TO KNOW. Your Daughter Ashley, really wants a new sports car that has just gone on sale.She knows how much money you have saved up.She knows that you could buy it for her if you really wanted to.She has decided that she is going to use her tight 18 yr. old body to get what she wants. She undoes your pants, not taking no for an answer.Then she takes your hard cock that has been quivering in anticipation. deep into her soft pliable mouth.It. s so Sexy!Where did your innocent daughter learn her skills?? Then she rubs her dripping wet pussy lips all over your dick.She is so wet she leaks like a sponge!She is too wet, she reveals that she has had a ton of sex with her boyfriend today.She. s even worried that she might become pregnant.Therefore Daddy it will be your job to suck all of his sperm out of her pussy!Finally after she is convinced that all of her boyfriend's jizz is gone from her pussy, she puts you out of your misery and sucks all of your cum right out of your dick, deep into her mouth.


Date: Oct 16 2021

ALL OF A SUDDENI FEEL LIKE I WANT TO PLAY WITH YOU STEP-DADDY Ashley and her Step Daddy visit a house they found on craigslist looking for reasonable lodging near where Ashley. s college campus is going to be. The door is answered by a very strange creepy individual who declares the house has a very strange effect on family members. After a minute he leaves them alone to check out the room for rent. There. s something about the house. Something that puts them into a strange lustful state of mind Suddenly they are making out like crazy Ashley turns into a nympho tease, edging Daddy. s cock with her ripe wet mouth and tugging on his dick with her graceful hands. Step Daddy wants to cum but Ashley won. t have it. She enjoys playing with Daddy but isn. t going to let him cum! Then suddenly, without warning, the effect of the house and its weird owner is over Ashley runs out horrified with what she was doing with her Step-Daddy!


Date: Oct 12 2021

There is a Peeping-Tom in the neighborhood, staring at Sadie by the Pool. When she catches him, he turns out to be a police officer. He may have a badge, but She knows he's a peeper. SHE IS GOING TO MAKE HIM HER BITCH. Cleaning our her ass. Struggling between her tits. Only if he does what She demands, will he keep his job. She counts down for his filthy explosion.


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