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Date: Aug 23 2021


Date: Aug 19 2021

“IT’S ALL GOING TO BELONG TO ME, AS YOUR NEW WIFE!” Your Neighbor Jessa tricks you into signing your divorce papers… and then tricks you as well into signing a marriage document between you and her! Now that she is married to you she is just going to use you for your money! She wants you to know she is still going to fuck other men on the side, She says just because you are married… doesn’t mean she is going to fuck you! It doesn’t mean she owes you anything, actually just the fact that you get to occasionally gaze upon her gorgeous body should be enough for you to work yourself to the bone for her. You should be thankful you don’t have to look at your fat cow of your now Ex-Wife and instead get to gaze at her gorgeous beauty


Date: Aug 15 2021

SHHH DON'T FIGHT IT JUST PRETEND M YOUR NURSE. You. ve got Norah watching over you. She has you right where she wants you. She convinced you to sign your inheritance into her name, Big Mistake. You are very sick and stuck on a bed, unable to move. If you have an orgasm, your life will come to an end. Now she wants to have your last drop of cum inside her She starts to stroke you with her hands edges your dick so tantalizingly with her tongue and mouth. She Rubs her lithe body all over your hard shaft and tugs at your cock with her delicate feet. You are ready to explode when she begins to Hotdog your cock between her pert ass cheeks. Eventually Norah decides that she wants your final moments to be inside of her and so she fucks you hard until you blow your final load deep into her pussy.


Date: Aug 11 2021

THE NEWEST EPISODE OF THE RICHELLE RYAN FAMILY KILLA SERIES YOU SHOULD FEEL GRATEFUL MOMMY TOUCHES YOU LIKE THIS BEFORE YOU LEAVE THIS LIFE! Mommy Richelle brings you bound and hooded into the family room for a heart to heart talk. She explains that your father is extremely sick and that only 1 of your will be receiving the money. Her. Mommy knows how much you like to peep at her, how fantastic you find her body, her Gigantic Tits, Her Massive Ass. She is going to use all her assets to her full advantage and your downfall. While you are bound on the couch she begins to stroke your cock teasing it into a massive hard on. Then she Pops out her Magnificent Melons, puts her hand over your mouth, then begins to Edge you. She doesn. t allow you any air as she is doing this. As you are about to cum YOU CAN. T BREATHE! It goes on and on. When she does finally allow you to cum, it doesn. t matter It is heaven and hell at the same time, You Suuufocate as you burst out your final orgasm of this life.


Date: Aug 07 2021

FOCUS ON MY DEeADLY FUNBAGS. You are a sick man you have gone to Jasmeen for some special therapy that will help to cure your illness. The first thing Jasmeen has you do is sign over all your assets and money to her in case anything goes wrong. Unfortunately for you, things will definitely go wrong. This is how she makes her money after all. She Mesmerizes sick people with her amazing Titties, then puts them down as in permanently. Nobody ever will find out. She strokes your shaft with her supple hands Wraps her giant tits around your rock hard cock edges you until her Special Titty Technique is ready to end you. The timing is crucial and Jasmeen is an expert with it. Squeezing your life out with her Massive Soft Tits.


Date: Aug 03 2021

THAT WAS JUST A TASTE YOU WANT MORE YOU HAVE TO PAY MORE. The parents of Miss Brianna. s students have been complaining that she dresses inappropriately for class. She is too sexy with the clothing she wears. Not only have the parents complained, but also the girls in the class are getting jealous! The boys, who they have been trying to get to look at them, only have eyes for their teacher! Thus, the principal has visited Miss Brianna to discipline her and get her to dress less sexy. Unfortunately, for the principal, Miss Brianna takes complete control of the situation. she uses her body to put the principal in a compromised position. She seductively gets him to sit down and takes out his dick, and then informs him she has a camera recording everything happening. At this point he is putty in her hands and will do whatever she says. Blackmail has begun. He has to pay for ever touch, whisper, and even the permission to stroke his own cock!


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