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Date: Sep 10 2021

OPEN YOUR EYES AND WATCH. It was supposed to be a special night, a night you. ve waited your whole life to enjoy. But somehow it just went wrong. You wake up bound and gagging with your new wife fucking some boy toy! You can. t protest you can only moan in sorrow. After fucking over your head, she says that she has a special surprise for you. Your wife, then starts giving a very slobbery Blowjob right over your head spitting on and slapping your face with her cock slobber, humiliating you and calling you a sissy bitch all the while. All you can do is take it. Finally she makes her boy-toy cum into her hand and then just to be mean rubs it into your eyes.


Date: Sep 06 2021


Date: Sep 02 2021

ARE YOU SURE YOU AREN'T ALLOWED TO CUM HONEY??? BiBi is a very naughty wife! She knows you are a very sick man. Your Doctor has expressly forbidden you from Cumming... IT WILL KiiLL YOU!!! BiBi knows this. She has given you an extreme sedative. You can't move, you can only stare helplessly as she takes you hand and makes you sign a Life Insurance Policy over to her. Then she uses her tempting Succubus Body To my your Dick involuntarily rise. She Brings you to the brink of Orgasm time and time again! Using her Mouth, Her Big Lush Tits, Her Smooth Hands... Even Her Knees!!! It's Unreal! Every part of her body Oozes Sex. She's impossible to resist and she knows it! Finally You can't take it any Longer, You Blast your Giant Load Out, as you fade into Oblivion.


Date: Aug 29 2021

M SQUASHING YOUR COCK WITH MY ASS. You Can. t Move. Not even a little. Mommy has given you a concoction of a paralytic drug, Viagra, and another drug that speeds up your heart to a super-fast beat. In other words if she makes you cum You Diiie. She then forces you to sign some paperwork that she says is for the doctor But later reveals is actually to make sure your inheritance goes to her when you diiie. Mommy Julie strokes and jerks your cock to the edge of Oblivion then stops. She does this so that when she finally does make you cum, you are going to blow a load that will reach the stars and kiiill you deead. She ASS BLASTS YOUR COCK, hot-dogging your dick between her enormous ass checks, bringing you again to the brink of darkness. IT IS AGONY!! Then she rubs her tit. s all over it. s becoming way too much for you you can. t hold out much longer and when she finally decides to jerk out your load. You are gone. You never stood a chance.


Date: Aug 21 2021

PEEPERS MUST BE PUNISHED!. Your Hot Asian Step-Mommy isn't happy with you. You've been caught Peeping into female neighbors houses and masturbating. Very Naughty. This has been an ongoing problem of yours... Any Mommy is going to have to take you into her hands for Punishment... Literally. She's going to use her soft silky hands to rub your swollen cock to Edge You again and Again until you are ready to burst. Then you will Force you to Cum Over and Over until an of you Cum is out and you are completely drained and spent. You won't be bothering the neighbors again for a very long time.


Date: Aug 13 2021

BEING MARRIED IS A JOB. Alix has brought her future husband to the Gym to work him out Well more specifically to work out his tongue. She informs him that she needs to make sure he is worthy of marrying her. So she is going to have him use his mouth and tongue to make sure she Orgasms again and Again until she hits her magic number for the day. Alix bounces on his face uses bars to force her pussy deep onto her future hubby face, ensuring that his tongue is driven deep into her succulent wet pussy. By the end of the session after a particularly intense Orgasm Alix forgets to give Junior air Oh well she might have to find another Hubby to Be.


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