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Date: May 25 2021

WHEN YOU MARRY A FRENCH BOMBSHELL, EVERYBODY IS GOING TO BE FUCKING HER BUT YOU. WifeyClaireis going out partying and fucking with the Jet Set again, tonight. But She makes you stay home with a hard on with no pussy. You wait for her for hours and When She comes home, She tells you all about the fucking exploits, while teasing your cock but not letting you cum. No chance for hubby at getting her pussy and ass that she shares with all the other men. You are not worthy of that. Then Wifey leaves again for more partying. She comes back and plays with her pussy, cumming again just to torture you. Finally She TIT FUCKS your dick and JERKS POOR HUBBY OFF. No party and No Pussy for her CUCKOLD SLUT.


Date: May 21 2021

GoddessJenniferhas such a great body - round perfect breasts, long legs and the tightest ass. But you only get to look. She keeps her slave in a closet and brings him out just to weigh his balls and get them full. She takes off her dress and roughly, painfully rubs on his cock until it turns red. She likes to see you in pain. That's the only way you get to cum - Painful Milking.


Date: May 17 2021

DON. T FORGET THE RULES DO EVERYTHING I TELL YOU Alana Thinks that maybe you. ve maybe, just maybe you. ve been a good husband in training today. She has decided to allow herself the pleasure of playing with your cock. She begins to stroke you. re raging hard cock. As you become more and more excited, she teases you taunting you with her words, teasing you with her mouth, bringing her lips so close to your raging dick but not putting it into her mouth! You want to blow your load worse than anything you. ve ever wanted! Finally you do but then she doesn. t stop stroking youThe amazing experience goes from the best orgasm ever to the worst orgasm ever very quickly!


Date: May 13 2021

THERE IS A PRESSURE POINT ON YOUR DICK THAT WILL EXPLODE YOUR HEART. You. ve come home Tipsy and passed out one to many to many times. Your wife feels that ALL of your attention should be given to her. She married you for your money, but also because she felt that she could get you to do whatever she wants. Tonight though, you. ve outlived your usefulness. Jasmeen has had this happen before. Fortunately for her, and unfortunately for you, she has a special Pressure Point Technique she can use on your cock and balls to make sure that when you come, your life will expire. She will receive all of your money, assets, and anything else you own. Over the years she has perfected this special technique which utilizes her massive Tits and Soft firm Hands. She will stroke you, edge you and prod you in all the right areas until you give her exactly what she wants. Your Life.


Date: May 09 2021

WHEN YOU CUM... I WANT TO MAKE SURE IT'S YOUR BIGGEST... AND LAST- THE SEXIEST KiiLLER JESSA RHODES Jessa has been toying with you, making you think she loves you and that everything she does is in your best interest. But it's not. She's Finally got the insurance papers ready. She slips you a paralytic drug so you can't move, then tricks you into signing them. Now you and your weak heart are at her sexy evil mercy. She wastes no time getting to work. She knows your doctor has forbidden you to orgasm! She begins by bring you to the brink of cumming over and over again! She wants to make sure that when you do cum it will be MASSIVE AND DEeDLEY! And wow do you cum, it's the biggest and last orgasm you will ever have. Now she gets to enjoy all of your money on vacation with her new boyfriend along for the ride! HELP!!!MY BIG TIT WIFE WANTS TO KiiiLL ME!!!- SEXY BIG BREAST WONDER EVA NOTTY

I think m in trouble! Eva seemed so sweet, she always claims to do what is in my best interest, at first I thought she was the perfect wifeGorgeous, Feisty, and those Huge Tits ve always loved. As I lay here paralyzed however, I think there is a sinister darkness lurking in her soul.She has drugged me. She said it was to relax me, but after she forced me to sign a life insurance policy into her name, I begin to think otherwise. A few weeks ago I had a dire prediction from my doctor. He told me that I have a very weak heart and if I get to excited (specifically if I orgasm), I will diiie.

Now I lay here unable to move she stokes my rock her cock with her hands and rubs her Enormous Breasts All Over My Shaft, it. s all I can do to from Cumming. I don. t think I am going to be able to last much longer.


You wake up and you can't move, you're paralyzed! Why can't you move?? ... And why do you have a Raging Hard-On??? Next thing you know your sexy beautiful Big Tit wife enters the room looking sexy as sin. Why would she be looking so sexy? She knows you have a Heart Condition! She knows you are not allowed to Cum!! You ask her what's happening to you, why can't you move? Why do you have a raging boner?? She Replies Oops I accidentally slipped you a Paralytic drug mixed with Viagra! then Oh honey would you sign this medical release the doctor send over? You reply that you can't move.She says No Problem, here I'll put the pen in your mouth and you can sign with your teeth as I move your head! So you are forced to sign... Only to find out you've signed a life insurance policy! Then she begins stroking you... Edging you to the brink. Denying your orgasm... Then she does the same with her mouth and her giant soft natural Tits. It's too much to take, you have to Cum!!! ...And you do... You orgasm like you never have before, only it's unfortunately your very last one.


Date: May 05 2021

NADIA. S ALREADY KNOWS EVERYTHING YOU. VE GOT PLANNED STEP-DADDY. Nadia. s Step-Daddy on the pre-tense of teaching her how to defend herself starts to grope her and feel her up. Nadia is not going to let her Step-Daddys. pervert ways go unpunished. After he attempts his groping, Nadia takes him down with a variety of Punchs and Strong Scisorholds. Then she exclaims I know what this lesson is really about! You just wanted to touch my Tits and grab all over me! Now Nadia is going to turn the tables on Step-Daddy. Unbeknownst to her Daddy she suspected something like this was going to happen and she set up cameras in advance preparing for when Daddy would make his moves on her. Daddy. s dick is out and she is stroking it. If Daddy doesn. t do and give her everything she wants, not only will she tell Mommy She won. t let him cum!


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