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Date: Mar 27 2021

DO YOU FEEL HELPLESS? You can. t touch me but I can touch you. she says as she rubs her big juicy ass all over your cock. She can feel it getting rock hard through your pants. AJ your Shanghaier, is a CUM VAMPIRE. She likes play with her food before eating. After getting you rock hard she teases and taunts you with her tongue licking up and down your shaft until you feel like a geyser ready to blow your load and then she ruins the experience. Denying your orgasmic release. AJ Edges you until you want to cry. She rough jerks you to the brink with her hands then lets go again and again. She is hungry she says and your Cum is not ready yet. When will it be ready?!? You can. t help but think! Finally when she envelops your cock between her Ass Cheeks, you are done. both figuratively and speculatively. You blast a load like MT. ST. HELENS erupting all over her ass. AJ can now feed in Bliss while you lapse into unconsciousness.


Date: Mar 23 2021

YOU. LL DO ANYTHINGI SAY DADDY. Your Step-Daughter is turning out to be quite a handful. You never imagined that when you married her mother, that one day you would be used as an impromptu pussy cleaning machine. Yet that is what has happened. She makes sure to catch you naked on the bed. She enters the room topless and commands you to lick all of the sweat out of her pussy. She adjusts your head and makes you begin to lick her glistening wet pussy lips gently spreading them with your tongue. She makes sure you get it all every last drop of sweat. Of course at this point you are rock hard. She begins to stroke your hard dick But then she orgasms and suddenly it. s all over. You ask what about me? Do I get to cum too? She simply says no.


Date: Mar 19 2021

MAYBE I CAN SQUEEZE YOUR POISON OUT WITH MY TITS. You got bitten by a rare poisonous fly that has paralyzed you Another unfortunate effect is that if you happen to orgasm you will die. Yet another unfortunate effect is that Nina, your supposedly loving wife has decided to take advantage of the situation and rid herself of you. Nina makes it seem innocent enough saying she is going to suck and squeeze out the poison but the reality is, even though she may say otherwise, She wants you to cum and diiie she knows that all of your assets transfer to her upon your demise. She also knows you can. t resist her charms, Her Giant Succulent Tits, her Soft Hands with their colorful fingernails, and of course her extra Wet Sloppy Blowjobs. She is going to Take Your Money, Your Assets, Your Life, and Run.


Date: Mar 15 2021

M THE ONLY MEDICINE YOU WILL BE RECEIVING. You are lying in bed suffering. your heart is aching very sharply and you feel like you can barely move. Ziggy, your step-daughter, was supposed to help you by going to the other room and retrieving your medication. When she finally returns, in lingerie for some reason, she says she can. t find your medication. She casually asks if you have signed the insurance papers and finalized your will. You tell her Yes, you did. Ziggy then gets a sultry smile and says Good. After that she begins to rub and slide her hands over and around your cock, getting you rock hard. You tell her to stop that it. s wrong! She is your Step-Daughter! That doesn. t stop her. You tell that if you cum, you might stop living! Unfortunately, all that does is make her more aggressive! She starts messing with you, edging you to the brink of orgasm using her delicate hands and her deep throat The edging makes your heart beat faster and ache more It could really burst! Ziggy is going to make sure it does, she wants to be wealthy!


Date: Mar 11 2021

MAYBE I CAN GIVE YOU SOME MEDICINE MOM. S NOT HOME Daddy Daughter have just gotten back from the Doctor. s office where Daddy has been informed that he has a severe heart condition. If he gets too much excitement it. s over for him NO EXERCISE, NO SEX, NO CUMMING! Daddy. s Daughter Sami is a very horny manipulative girl. She likes to test boundaries. It. s Simple for Sami to give Daddy a Rock Hard Boner. And it. s even Simpler for her to start messing with Daddy, giving him super sexy Deep Throat blowjobs until he is about to Cum, then stopping as he twitches in agony. She doesn. t stop Stroking him even though he begs her to stop. Her Tight body and firm little Titties are so hard to resist! Sami may not make her Daddy Cum but she definably takes her seduction game too far, as Daddy goes down for the count after being edged one to many times.


Date: Mar 07 2021

YOUR MONEY WILL BE MY MONEY. Jason. s father has recently married, Sarah Jessie, an extremely hot, aggressive woman. Sarah definably has an agenda of her own. She wants all of the money in Jason. s family. She has only been married to Jason. s father for a day, and she insists that Jason call her Mommy. She has already gotten his father. s money. now it. s time for her to collect Jason. s. Sarah is not above using her body to get what she wants. She lowers her dress and out pop her fantastic Tits. No man can resist them, least of all her little pervert step-son Jason. Sarah engulfs his dick with her tits rubbing them all over his dick, smashing them in his face. Sarah also has fun rubbing Jason. s hard cock with her hands bringing him to the edge then denying him orgasm over and over again, all the while coaxing him to sign over his inheritance and money to her. Finally the straw that breaks the camel. s back happens when Sarah decides to Hotdog Jason. s dick between her ass cheeks. Jason want to cum so badly he agrees to sign the papers. Sadly once he does, Sarah no longer needs him and leaves his dick hard in the wind.


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