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Date: Jan 14 2021

Your beautiful wife begins to stroke your stiff dick in preparation for a Gigantic load. She rubs her soft big tits all over your dick preparing the way for a load unlike any other. Softly sucking, edging and teasing you like a fine wine! And so it goes she continues edging you making you suffer Finally she smiles with her elfin face, a determined grin and her puts mouth over your cock engulfing it. She goes down hard on you You end up blasting your load deep into her mouth, an Oral Creampie. Afterwards she swallows down what. s left of you your sperm.


Date: Jan 13 2021

THE GIRLS WANT TO MAKE THEIR BITCH BOY PLAY A GAME. They make his cock hard. Measure the first inch and then only let him put that first inch, JUST THE TIP, INTO THEIR SWEET PUSSIES. You can only go this far in. They play Rock, Paper, Scissors. to decide who goes first and then they let just the tip into their hot place. They use his little cock head on their clits and only let the tip go inside. They take turns putting the tip in and cumming. The Brats have him so brainwashed that he doesn't want his little wife anymore. He doesn't get to go all the way in and no matter how hard he tries. Cumming for him is against the rules of the game. . That's not part of the game. Precum is the only thing he gets in this game. We get pleasure, you don't. That's what this game is all about.


Date: Jan 12 2021

I MIGHT BE PRETTY... BUT I'M ALSO PRETTY FUCKING SMART. RIGHT BEHIND YOU IS MY LAPTOP RECORDING YOU.Kaelin doesn't care that she might ruin your marriage to her Mom. She doesn't care that she will break you Financially. She certainly doesn't doesn't care what you feel, think, or do... She only cares that you are a tool who can get her things she wants. She noticed how much you look at her... And she is going to make you her little bitch boy. You will do exactly what she says or Mom will find out. Actually she might just tell her Mom anyway. Then her Mom will leave you in divorce taking everything!


Date: Jan 11 2021

CUCK WHORE HUBBY !!! He stays in the corner, blindfolded, like a good Hubby, while his Wife goes out and fucks Big Black Studs. She brings home a very special dessert for him from Her Date. Cream filling from a big load of some black BASKETBALL PLAYER BALLS. She has been fucking Giant Cocks, while he is supposed to be on an Ass stretching program to make it bigger, so GIANT BLACK COCKS WILL FIT IN HIS ASS. He has to clean out the cum from her pussy. So She can makes him blow bubbles of curm from his mouth. She makes him hang waits on his cock to make it bigger. The only way you get to cum is with your cock smashed up against the inside of it's fucking cage. Wifey milks out his nasty hubby filth droplets that She then makes him eat.


Date: Jan 10 2021

I HAVE A BIG DATE TONIGHT SO YOU HAVE TO LICK MY BOOTY CLEAN. Julie is ready to go on a date she has been waiting months for. She wants everything to go perfectly so after the dinner is over she can go and get her Pussy and Ass pounded and fucked until the morning time. This means she is going to take special measures to insure that everything goes perfectly. She calls her Step-Son into the living room to perform the duty which she feels is the only thing he has the potential to be good at. His Role Is To Clean Out Her Ass And Pussy Deeply With His Tongue. She straddles his face, bouncing and grinding her pussy all over it to ensure that his tongue deeply penetrates into it, he licks and worships the ass and pussy, making sure it. s spin and span, making sure to give Mommy Multiple Orgasms. Mommy Makes she her son prepares her Pussy just right for her big Date.


Date: Jan 09 2021

YOU DON. T GET TO CUM UNTIL YOU CALL YOUR WIFE AND TELL HER YOU ARE GETTING DIVORCED. A rich school founder, Jason, comes to a classroom to check how his funds are being used. He spots Kristina a scantily dressed student. Kristina, upon realizing who Jason is decides that she can get something form him Despite his weak protest she starts her seduction first teasing his dick with her finger through his pants until it is rock hard. As she teases his cum to the edge of orgasm, she promises she won. t tell his wife what he. s engaging in IF. IF he give her whatever she wants, like special school privileges. She teases him with her hands, her soft silky tongue Her Luscious school girl Tits She makes him promise to give her The Special School Parking Spot, To Divorce his wife In the end there as just frustration for the poor guy, Kristina won. t let him Cum until the divorce is finalized!


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