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Date: Mar 03 2021

EAT IT ALL UP HUBBY! Wifey can do everything with this Big Black Dick that she cant do with yours! She forces you watch as she takes it deep with her mouth and puts it between her giant natural tits. All the while she is verbally humiliating you.. Telling you how tiny your dick is compared to the one she is sucking and titfucking. When she makes her dick toy blow she drools it onto to your face... Making you eat all of it up.


Date: Feb 27 2021

M GOING TO GET WHAT I WANT DADDY. Sams Dad happens to be a prominent teacher at her school. Sami stops in to get some lunch money from him The only problem is that he only has $5 to give her! This is unacceptable to Sami. She has an entire squadron of friends that she wants to buy lunch for! It. s time to take matters into her hands, mouth, and tits. She is going to do what it takes to get more money out of her cheap ass teacher Dad. She Pushes Daddy down and takes out his cock! She starts stroking it, bringing him to the edge, then denying his release! Sucks it down with her mouth and rubs her Tits all over it But she will not let Daddy Cum!


Date: Feb 23 2021

FRESH CUM FOR MY BAaBY HUBBY Makayla goes through husbands like an old truck goes through gasoline. There is nothing she enjoys more in life than breaking them and watching them suffer, making them cry. She calls over her number 1 toy to have pleasure with right in front of her Hubby! She sits on her husband. s lap and starts to give a nice deep throating Blow Job to her fuck puppet. After the Blow Job she gets in some good reverse Cowgirl in front of her Hubby. Hubby can hear her wet pussy as it rhythmically slams down on her Boy Toy. s cock up and down She Moans and Groans with pleasure all the while. Afterwards she stands up so she can get some good doggystyle fucking right in front of her Hubby. Her husband is blindfolded and has to listen to the sounds of his wife in ecstasy with another man. Finally she gets off of Boy Toy. s dick takes a facial and rubs it all over her Sad Hubby. s face. Another broken husband down Who will be next.


Date: Feb 19 2021

I LIKE TO WATCH YOU SWEAT.. TO WATCH YOU SQUIRM. Jules, your wife, has gotten into your computer and discovered that you are cheating on her... She knows however that not one of those girls look half as good as her! She also looked into your financials and discovered that you are giving allowances to those whores. She knows you made sex tapes with them! She is not going to let you get away with it and disrespect her! She tricked you into signing the bank records over to her. Now unless you do everything she wants, she will mail out your tapes to whoever she wants! In addition, unless you exactly what she says, you won't receive an allowance from your own money!!!


Date: Feb 15 2021

STEP-DADDY I NEED YOUR HELP. You. re bratty step-daughter Zoey knows how much you like how she looks in her cheerleading outfit and how you would do almost anything for her while she is in it. She knows would do absolutely everything for her when she is out of it! She sexily strips down, straddles you then says I just had a very hard cheerleading practice I need you to clean out my Pussy Sweat! She puts you beneath her and begins to grind her wet juicy pussy all over your face! She makes you clean it deep with your tongue. Make sure you lick out every crevice Daddy to be sure to give her multiple Orgasms! This clip ends with your tongue deep in her pussy You are unable to do anything but lick while she groans in pleasure.


Date: Feb 11 2021

THANK YOU FOR CARING FOR ME BUT I DON. T NEED YOU ALIVE ANYMORE. It sucks that you had a stroke and can. t move Sugar Daddy. But thankfully you signed those Life Insurance papers over to me. It was an act of kindness that is coming back to bite you in a big way. Now Moka is beginning toy with your dick. Something she knows the doctor said will put you into the ground forever! She starts stroking it making it nice and hard. You can. t stop her! You can. t move! Besides which, it feels so good! She moves her hand up and down your shaft, spitting on it so it. s a nice and smooth jerking motion. Then she licks it, teasing your cock into and out of her mouth while teasing her magnificent ass in front of you. Next she edges you between her soft yet firm muscled ass cheeks making you want to Cum so bad it hurts your heart! And then she does it She inserts your shaft deep into her moist wet lovebox. Time and again you want to orgasm but she won. t let you! Your Hearts aches so much! Finally you can no longer stand it and you empty yourself deep into her pussy. It is the last load you will ever spurt in this lifetime and it was the best.


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