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Date: Jul 30 2021

ISN. T GREAT? YOU CAN. T FEEL ANY OF IT. Allright Step-Daddy, Mom told me you cum after about 5 seconds of sex. As your Step- Daughter I have to look out for my Mom and do what she won. t teach you how to restrain your orgasm. Karter begins to stroke you and after about 10 seconds you are ready to blow your load. It. s just that good! She stops. Then she begins stroking you with just her finger. You. re ready to cum again! She stops. What do you have to do to get her to let you blow your load?!? She puts her mouth on your dick and you have an avalanche cum ready to burst out of your cock. She stops. Finally Karter sees that more extreme measures are needed. Karter puts a special Numbing oil on your cock that won. t allow you to feel her sexy soft hands rubbing you. or her sexy face giving you a deep head blowjob. You can hear the drool dripping down your dick. It looks great! You just wish you could feel what she is doing to you! When she finally pushes your cock to explode in her mouth you don. t feel a thing.


Date: Jul 26 2021

THE BABY SITTER HAS THE KEY TO YOUR CHASTITY. YOUR MOMMY GAVE IT TO HER. You are doing her homework and since She got an 'A' in calculus, She's going to take you out of Chastity and play the 1 INCH GAME WITH YOU DICK. First you have to smell her pussy that is full of her boyfriends cum. She takes out the cock and measures one inch and makes a mark with her sharpie, one inch down. That's how much he gets to put it in Babysitters Pussy. Poor Juniors little cock, it never gets any pussy. It just can't control it self. But one inch is all the pussy you deserve. After you cum She twists and squeezes your balls, to teach you that cumming hurts. Orgasms are painful. And then you have to eat your cum. - Forced Fucking Brat Babysitter JessiePalmer


Date: Jul 22 2021

I DON. T TOLERATE MEN WHO CHEAT WITH THEIR EYES. You. re in the doghouse- In this case a DogCage - because you. ve been staring at other woman. You know you are ONLY ALLOWED TO LOOK AT JULIE! You. ve been very bad lately but there might be a way for you to work your way out of the doghouse. If you crawl out and worship Julie Gigantic booty and let her have her way with you! She is going to stick your tiny face deep into her voluptuous Ass. Then she is going to toy with your dick edging you to exquisite perfection. This is Punishment, and if you are ever going to get back into Julie. s good graces, you are just going to have to take it and learn from it.


Date: Jul 18 2021

I THINK YOUR DICK IS READY TO DiiiiiE! You thought you were going to hook up with Luna, the hottest chick you have ever seen... Having constant sex but she has other ideas. Instead you have to watch her Hula Hoop fifteen hours a day! Not only is that it becoming apparent that she is only after your money. The constant stress of being in this relationship has given you a weak heart, now Luna has decided to take advantage of that. She is going to literally Tease you to Deeeaaath. Now that she has found out that the doctor told you that hard ons are not allowed she has started messing with your dick, making it rock hard with her sexy body. Luna. s Huge Soft Tits and her Silky Soft hands rub all over you bringing you to the edge of orgasm then denying you over and over again. She stroke, rubs, and teases you non-stop.You're heart aches with all the pent up tension, your blue balls might literally kiiiiiiLL you! She can. t wait to spend all of your money! She is thoroughly enjoying your torment, you can tell, she constantly asks: When are you going to Diiiie????


Date: Jul 14 2021

I THINK IíLL DiiE IF YOU EDGE ME AGAIN!!! You're freshly home after your wife's Tease and Denial rampage sent you to the Hospital the night before. She Edged you again and again until your poor heart couldn't take anymore. Thankfully the Doctors were able to patch you up! As soon as you get home and lie on your bed... Your sexy wicked wife is on you again! First thing she does is ask you if you have signed the life insurance papers, just in case. Next she makes sure she is the primary recipient in your will. Then after you have confirmed she is, she begins. More Teasing and Denying. More Edging. More Sex Filled torture as you try to resist Cumming. It's no good She is just to talented with her mouth and her hands... and her Tits. You know you will Diie... But you can't help it it's just to much!!! Unfortunately as you blast out you Last Orgasm, you can't even enjoy that as you Diie... She ruins it by giving it a massive Kung Fu grip in the middle of your orgasm! You Diie empty of Cum... But ultimately Unfulfilled.


Date: Jul 10 2021

FIRST SCENE WITH ALURA. S GIANT NEW IMPROVED TITS!!! ANY DICK IS BETTER THAN YOUR DICK!!! You really wish you could get a dick extension. Ever since Alura got her new boobs dissatisfaction has been growing. Her new Gigantic boobs only emphasize how incredibly small your dick is! They can. t even cover her Nipples! It seems the only pleasure Alura can take on this vacation with you. is humiliating you by decrying how incredibly tiny and sad your penis is! As she jerks and teases and denies you she fantasizes about fucking a BBC or your Brother Anything or Anyone But You!!!


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