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Date: Oct 08 2021

WE ARE GOING TO WORK THIS DICK OUT NO CUMMING!!! Welcome to Step-Mommies Blowjob Boot Camp! Itís a pure endurance test. How long can you last through Step-Mommies Blowjob Pushups??? She yells through the Mega phone as she puts your dick through a Blowjob Ringer! Over and Over you want to CumÖ But Drill Sargent Step-Mommie wonít let you! She just keeps mercilessly sucking and sucking. When you are about to cum she pinches you off, slaps your dick or just releases it into the empty air! Finally you manage a orgasmic release into her mouth, an Oral Creampie, youíre spent and exhausted! But she is not done. She keeps sucking and sucking, making sure all of your cum is out. When her mouth finally releases your cock she is angry you Orgasmed. Further Punishment will be coming.


Date: Oct 04 2021

YOU NEED TO HURRY UP AND DIIIIIE. I WANT TO GO OUT WITH MY FRIENDS. Luna has been waiting forever for you to croak After all she has been slipping Venom into your food for months! All she wants to do is collect your life insurance money and go in style to her Hula Hoop completion After all she is world famous for her Hula Skills and doesn. t need a loser like you hanging around. She just married you for your money! It. s time for more drastic measures. She didn. t want to have to do it, but she is going to have to help the Venom finish its job quicker so she can get to show off her Hula Skills! She is going to tease and edge a gigantic load out of you that will quite literally end your life! It. s impossible for your dick to resist her huge tits and exotic mouth and she gives you tit fucks and pleasures you with her satin soft lips. You are ready to blow your load time and time again, but she puts a stop to it each time. She wants to make sure that you will really be gone forever when she does let you blow your load Trust me when I say that you won. t come back after she makes you blast out the last of your cum.


Date: Sep 30 2021

DON'T YOU DARE CUM YET... I'M NOT DONE WITH YOUNormally you see Charlotte Financial Dominating Men... Or making them lick her Heels and Boots... Or Training Men to be Sissys... Possibly you've seen Forcing Men Bi... But here you see her as you've never seen her. This is want Charlottle is like when she truly wants a good hard Fuck. She picks her chosen man and attacks. First she makes her man eat out her Pussy, good and hard until it is so wet you can see her cunt juices oozing out of her pussy. She Makes James swallows them all down. After that she is ready to be fucked... and Fucked... and Fucked some more. She Orgasms Over and Over as she directs James to fuck her fast slow and everything in between. She hides nothing... She is a tease who has decide to get what she wants, and what she wants is a good hard Multi Orgasmic Fuck.


Date: Sep 22 2021

YOU ARE TURNING RED BECAUSE YOU WANT TO BLOW YOUR LOAD SO BADLY! Cheyanne knows you are aching to Cum. But she is not ready to let you. She tells you exactly how she would make you cum, she would stroke you to the edge stick your face deep into her tight firm Bubble Butt. Then she decides that you would look good in a specially prepared chastity device. She wonders if you can blow your load while you are stuck in her special chastity device. She thinks you enjoy being treated like garbage So maybe she will tell your family about how you like to be humiliated and maybe she will let you cum If you give her all of your money Maybe.


Date: Sep 18 2021

ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS CUM AND YOUR HEART WILL STOP! m sorry that you can. t move But I do know why you can. t moveI slipped something into your soup a few weeks back and it. s finally taken hold. That. s what you wife says to you as you lie helpless in bed with a raging hard on. It gets worse. She asks if you remember the life insurance policy that you signed a while back. Unfortunately, it turns out that your wife has been cheating on you with your insurance agent. Now she has collaborated with him in order to make sure that she can get rich off of you as you lie rotting in the cold earth. Now your wife is going to stroke you with her long hands, suck you with her greedy mouth, and titfuck you with her nice store bought tits until you blast out a final huge cum load all over them Goodnight Forever Hubby.



Date: Sep 14 2021

MOMMY IS THE ONLY WOMAN YOU NEED IN YOUR LIFE. Your Mommy enters the living room. she asks Do you know why you are wearing the Mask of Shame? It. s because you were looking at other women. You should know that Mommy is the Only woman you should ever look at. Mommy is upset that you were kissing a girl at collage. Mommy DOES NOT TOLERATE OTHER WOMEN. After all You know those other woman can never make you cum like Mommy can. Your Cock belongs to Mommy and only Mommy. Mommy with her perfect breasts and soft hands Mommy begins to stroke your hard cock, you are almost instantly ready to Cum but Mommy doesn. t let you, You don. t deserve to Cum. You need to realize that Mommy is the Best She rubs her Tits all over your Dick Mommies Tits are the Best Too! But Mommy won. t let you Cum yet! Mommy Knows the Importance of making you wait. Unfortunately you can only hold out so long Your Cum erupts all over her Chest Mommy is Very Unhappy with you You will need to be locked up and not allowed to Cum for at least a month But Wow, it was sure worth it. Mommy Really Is The Best.


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