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Date: Dec 19 2021

TENDERIZE THE DICK FIRST WITH LONG STRONG STROKES. It. s Dinner time, Mercedes is hungry Hungry for Cum. The thing is she has a special preparation method which she uses every time she is ready to feed. The first step is to tenderize the dick making sure it is firm and pliable. It is also important to make sure that she enjoys the process! She wakes up her victim with the smell of her pussy. she makes him suck out all her pussy juice as she samples the pre-cum from his dick with her tongue and mouth. She begins to season the dick with her pheromones and Big Juicy Tits. That way when she finally decides to let her victim Cum, It will taste amazing. She likes to make her victim ache to cum, to beg to cum! This way when his cock finally erupts with a gigantic load, it will create a meal fit for a queen, a Vampire Queen like Mercedes.


Date: Dec 15 2021

YOUR DEMISE IS UNSTOPPABLE NOW ITS JUST A MATTER OF TIME. You could be considered the Luckiest man in the World or the Unluckiest man in the World. On one hand you have the hottest Mommy anybody could imagine. She has a pretty face, huge Tits, and a Gigantic Plump Ass that any man would be a slave for. On the other hand, she is Greedy, Selfish, and extremely Ruthless. She will do anything to get what she wants. Right now what she wants is your Inheritance. She forces you to eat a mind altering druggg that will make your body do whatever she says, up to and including dyyying. She commands you to get onto the couch. She Commands that your Heart will explodes if you Cum. You have no choice but to Obey. Then she uses her magnificent body to tease and torment you. You fight the best you can, but it is impossible to ignore her supple Mouth, Soft Hands, Enormous Tits, and the most Incredible Ass you have ever seen! When she starts hot-dogging you between her Ass Cheeks you don. t have long to live


Date: Dec 11 2021

YOU DON. T WANT MY PARENTS TO FIND OUT ABOUT THIS DO YOU? Scarlet has been slacking off on her piano lessons. She hasn. t been practicing and it shows. Now she just needs to make sure her piano teacher doesn. t tell them. She slowly seduces his cock out of his pants. As soon as his dick is out and rock hard, she informs him that if he tells her parents about her piano playing She will in turn tell them about the naughty things she has done with him. They won. t be happy, he will be fired and his reputation will be ruined. She strokes and teases him, controlling the situation, she suggests a blowjob but then takes it away she strokes his cock all the while. Always Scarlet promises more, then takes it away, playing games with her poor teachers head. He gets so close to her pussy He begs to put it in But she always says no. All the while she strokes his cock making sure he will blast a load that her parents won. t be able to ignore.


Date: Dec 07 2021

THIS BITCH ONLY GOES FOR STRONG HUSBANDS, WITH STRONG COCKS. It. s time to learn proper Husband skills at the Ms. Bitch Academy. This is what Nina does to test the mettle of all her new husbands. Can you handle the Pain, The Humiliation of being wrestled down and being stuck in scissorhold after scissorhold by a girl? Most men and future Husband prospects can. t. It. s gets worse though. Nina wants to see exactly how strong your cock is and exactly how much it can handle. She puts your Cock into a Vice Grip between her legs, squeezing all of your blooood up into the tip. Afterwards she puts her strong sexy legs around your neck squeezing mercilessly, giving you rough hand jobs at the same time, bringing you to the edge of orgasm and cutting it off just before you cum again and again!


Date: Dec 03 2021

EDGED CUM IS LIKE FINE WINE, IT IS ONLY USABLE ONCE. Jasmeen has a job to do. She has to collect the highest quality sperm samples to sell to the highest bidder. It a strict process. The dick has to be Edged perfectly. She brings her captive male dick to the brink again and again! If the cum does not erupt from the dick at a specific moment, it is not good enough... Not Pure enough. Jasmeen only wants the Purest cum. After she is done milking her captive cock, the cock is discarded. It will never again produce the quality of Cum Jasmeen can elicit. Jasmeen's mouth and hands are truly the Best!


Date: Nov 29 2021

“YOU CAN’T GET AWAY” Briana used to be your Step-Mommy… After your Dad died and she did not receive all the inheritance, she came up with a plan. Briana would marry you and figure out a way to get it. She seduced you into marrying her… Somehow whether it is poison or stress she has weakened your heart to the point that if you Cum… You will die. The only thing she lacks is the insurance papers to be signed. Now, Briana tricks you into signing them and now the Last Seduction begins. Her hands bring your cock to a stiff erection, stroking you up and down until you are about to burst… THEN SHE DENIES YOU! Afterwards she teases you with her mouth… Then her massive Tits wrap around your cock and go to work! Engulfing your cock until it is about to explode… THEN SHE DENIES YOU! Over and Over! Her Liquid soft Vacuum Mouth does the same thing, Bringing you to the Brink then SHE DENIES YOU AGAIN! When she finally lets you Cum… YOU CUM UNTIL YOUR HEART CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! Now Briana has your Father’s Money and Your Money! #1 SELLING EXECUTRIX CLIP


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