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Date: Jun 18 2021

WHAT. S WRONG DADDY? I JUST LIKE TOUCHING. Hi Daddy, Wake up! You said when Mom was gone I could ask you about the car again I really want it ll do ANYTHING Jillian, your daughter is not kidding, she starts rubbing her incredibly lithe body and hands all over your legs, chest, and your crouch. She rubs the tip of your dick with her finger Then says, I want to see what made me Then she pulls your pants down. What if I wanted to Lick it Daddy? I will Daddy I really want that car. You start Pre-Cuming, Jillian asks.. What if I lick up your Pre-Cum Daddy? She takes off her top showing off her perky tits and pointy nipples. As she takes you into her mouth, you feel that your daughter may be more experienced with men than she should be. She is an expert at the art of the blowjob, she twirls her tongue around your cock licking the tip, bring you to the edge She won. t stop until you promise to get her the new car of her dreams. How long can you resist???


Date: Jun 14 2021

TAKING CARE OF THE BAD ONES PUTS ME IN SUCH A HOLIDAY SPIRIT! You thought Santa was coming to visit you tonight.... No He only visits people on the good list. And you definitely haven. t been a very good boy this year. Instead Mrs. Claus has been sent to take care of you and take you to where the bad boys go. Santa has given her special powers, her touch will drain you of cum completely allowing her to stuff your lifeless husk into her bag and drop you off to where all bad boys end up eventually. You are powerless to resist as she strokes you long and hard, soft and steady preparing you to meet your end. Her massive Tits shake and sway back and forth as she strokes. It. s only a matter of time now and you will be ready to be taken away. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


Date: Jun 10 2021

YOU. RE MY LITTLE DOoG, STEP-BROTHER! Cindy knows her Step-Brother is a Perv. She kindly lets her brother sniff her ass and bark like a doog. In return her needs to pay her a fee every day. Step Brother cannot resist he is going to be her doggy boy slut slave. She first makes him worship her Amazing Ass. He is made to lick and kiss it. Then he has to go deeper and clean out her asshole with his tongue. Then she decides to give herself even more pleasure and sits on his face! Cindy grinds her pussy all over his face until she has reached Orgasm. Now it. s time for her Step-Brother to Pay Up!!!


Date: Jun 06 2021

M NOT GOING TO FUCK YOU YOU DON. T HAVE ANY MONEY LEFT. Alura, your wife, is extremely unhappy She wanted to get her Tits even bigger But you don. t have the money to pay for them! Fortunately for Alura, and unfortunately for you Alura has another way to enlarge her Tits to even greater Epic Proportions than they already are. Alura. s Tit. s have a special power, almost a will of their own. Every time you Cum on her Tits they grow bigger and bigger as they consume your life essence. This time as she strokes your rock hard cock she is going to take all of what you have left. You are literally going to cum the last of your life onto her Mega Tits so they can Grow even bigger! Her Colossal Melons consume and engulf your dick so completely that you can. t even see it! Finally, you can no longer stand it. you blast out the last of yourself onto Alura. s Mammoth Mounds As you fade from life you see them growing bigger


Date: Jun 02 2021

MAKE SURE SHE CUMS AT LEAST TWICE MINIMUM. Step-Mommy knows you are coming to that age when all you think about is sex. Mommy doesn. t want you to become a two pump chump. so she is going to teach you how to how to hold in your cum and satisfy ever single woman you see. Mommy is going to let rub your dick between her soft pussy lips until she gets drippy wet down there. Remember Junior, You can only enter when a woman is wet! She will instruct you on how to eat out a wet pussy, then Mommy is going to rub her fantastic Cantaloupe Sized Tits all over your dick priming it until she decides it. s time for your lesson to end for the day. Only then will she use her soft silky hands to jerk all of your cum out of your body.


Date: May 29 2021

THE BABYSITTER DEMANDS MORE MONEY FROM HUBBY, IF NOT SHE IS GOING TO TELL LOTS OF NASTY THINGS TO HIS WIFE. She has seen him looking at her big beautiful breasts and how his cock grows in his pants while he stares. Shut up and DO WHATEVER I SAY. She traps his cock between her heels. She slaps his cock and balls between her bare feet and humiliates his puny cock. His cock is slapped so hard that his balls disappear when she sticks her heel into his pee hole. Babysitter shuts Hubby up by sitting her ass on his face and torturing his cock. You are going to Give Me What I Want, or I'm telling your fucking wife how you fucking came out of your tiny fucking cock all over the poor little Babysitter. How you fucking took advantage of Me. And She is Going to Believe Me! Look at Me and Say, YES, BABY SITTER.


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