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Date: Apr 20 2021

TIMMY IS SISTER'S LITTLE COW, MILKED OVER AND OVER BY THEIR MILKING MACHINE. Step-Sisterand Step-Mommie keep his cock hooked-up to the MILKING MACHINE TO EMPTY HIS BALLS OF ALL THEIR CUM. His Step-Sister is helping him - Keeping him from Masturbating. Making sure he doesn't have impure thoughts of other Women. and making sure he can't go out on dates or EVEN think about fucking. Sis grinds her girdle tight ass in front of Little Timmy to show him what he never gets. STRIPING-OUT ALL HIS CUM MAKES HIM OWNED BY STEP-SISTER AND MOMMIE. BRAT-SISTER MACHINE MILKS OUT ALL YOUR JUICES, FOR YOUR OWN GOOD.


Date: Apr 16 2021

ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS WALK UP TO A GUY IN A SEE THROUGH DRESS AND RUB YOUR TITS IN HIS FACE. Jezabel is a Tit Stalker. A vicious female predator of men. In this video which you have managed to sneakily get a hold of, she is explaining to her female cohorts how they can best ensnare a man and take him for all that he is worth. The secret? Jezabel says she always Hyypn0tizes a male victim with her HUGE NATURAL TITS. After seeing them be squeezed and bounce and shake Men can be molded like putty into her Greedy Hands. She can make them do or buy anything! Boats, Cars, Houses, sign away their inheritance.


Date: Apr 12 2021

WE ARE GOING TO BE FEEDING YOU A LOT OF PROTEIN TODAY Your Mother has had enough. She does not like that you are a finicky eater and has sent you to the Cock Training Sisters to rectify the situation. They are going to teach you that when you don. t behave for Mommy, you will be forced to do things that you don. t like. They tie up your Dick and toy with it as they discuss what they will make you eat. They have decided that what you need is Man Milk. Pure Jizz from your own Cock. It has all the essential ingredients you need to grow. Lots of Protein for Sure. There is only one thing to be done, The two sisters are going to milk you until you blow a load into your own mouth and swallow it down.


Date: Apr 08 2021

WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LIVE FOR ANYWAY? YOU CAN. T MOVE NOW. Mommy has injected Snake Venom into your blood stream It. s very specialized. Meaning if you Cum. You will DiiiiiE!!! Mommy strokes your shaft hard And you can. t move to stop her! Mommy rubs your dick up and down... Almost making you explode with cum, but then stops, leaving you writhing in Agony. She says that edging you close to Orgasm will make the Snake Venom more effective when you do burst After all Mommy would hate for there to be a mistake She really wants to spend your inheritance. Mommy. s Massive tits envelope you Dick and they fell so good! It. s like 2 Velvet cushions giving your dick a hug A hug that makes you want to explode with cum! Her Mouth Sucks and slurps all over your cock, then deep throats it. When you finally do cum you can. t hold back and as your cum oozes out of your cock your life drains away from your body.


Date: Apr 04 2021

“THERE IS NO TAPPING OUT HERE, I LIKE MAKING YOU MY LITTLE BITCH.” Julie needs to train her little toy boy step-son so he is a better ass cleaner. She wants him to be able to get his tongue deep into her ass and be able to lick out every crevice, nook, and cranny. Sometimes however, in order to train a new bitch boy properly you need to discipline him. Julie needs to put him into a tight Scissorhold so that her boy toy cannot breathe. This way he is properly prepared when she decides to sit on his face and engulf it with her Fantastic Ample Ass! She makes her bitch boy clean out all of her ass and pussy until she is quivering on his face with a gigantic orgasm! She makes him eat up all of her cum then rides him face again… and again… Her pleasure will not end until his face and tongue are all used up.


Date: Mar 31 2021

M HOTTER THAN MOM AND ALL MY FRIENDS. Your Step-Daughter Olivia comes in to talk with you. She is upset that you have been checking out her friend Bethie. Olivia thinks that her mother would be really mad if she found out. In Fact She gets even more upset when her Daddy admits that he found Bethie quite beautiful. Olivia exclaims Don. t you think that Mom is more beautiful!!! Then to the heart of the matter Don. t you think that m more beautiful!!! You should keep it in the family!!! Next thing you know she is putting your shirt over your head and says Nobody wants to look at their Step-Dad when they suck his cock. She yanks off your pants exposing your rock hard cock, and then begins to suck and edge you like nobody has done before. Her tongue tickles your balls and her mouth deep throats your shaft. There is a point when you can hold back no longer and bust a gigantic load deep in her mouth and throat! Truly Family is The Best.


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