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Date: Nov 25 2021

YOU. RE NOT GOING TO CUM, AND YOU. RE NOT GOING TO TELL ME WHAT TO DO! Hula coach Jason has lost a Hula contest with the Cuban superstar Hula Girl Luna. Now he has to sign marriage papers with her, NO PRE-NUPS! Luna also happens to be the sexiest girl around and she knows how to utilize her ample assets. She decides to toy with Jason, whipping out his cock and playing with it, teasing it Taunting it. She knows Jason wants to cum in the worst way, but she won. t let him! Not until those marriage papers are signed! Luna brings him to the edge over and over and Jason. s case of Blue Balls is getting worse by the second. Then Luna decides to introduce her Ass to Jason. s Cock after a few minutes of a spectacular Ass Job, Jason busts his load and Luna has him sign the Marriage document with his Dick.


Date: Nov 21 2021

I SLIPPED YOU SOMTHING... IF YOU GET REALLY EXCITED YOU'RE GOING TO DiiiE! Richelle is a Milf on a Mission. She is going to single handedly off an entire family with her Sexual Prowess. First up is her husband. Rachelle slipped something into your drink that speeds up your heart incredibly. If fact, IF YOU GET TO EXCITED YOU WILL DiiiE!!! This fits very well into Richelle. s twisted plan. First she is going to off Hubby Dearest, She Makes him ache all over as her Massive Tits Rub all over his rock hard shaft. Richelle edges him towards Orgasm over and over making sure that when her Hubby finally does come, it will be an Enormous Load! A load that will be enough to Kiiill him! Then after he is finished, she will go after her step-son then her Hubby. s Brother, until nobody is left in the family And the FAMILY Fortune IS ALL HERS!


Date: Nov 17 2021

SHHHH, DON. T TALK. <. br>. I think m in trouble! Eva seemed so sweet, she always claims to do what is in my best interest, at first I thought she was the perfect wifeGorgeous, Feisty, and those Huge Tits ve always loved. As I lay here paralyzed however, I think there is a sinister darkness lurking in her soul. <. br>. She has drugged me. She said it was to relax me, but after she forced me to sign a life insurance policy into her name, I begin to think otherwise. A few weeks ago I had a dire prediction from my doctor. He told me that I have a very weak heart and if I get to excited (specifically if I orgasm), I will diiie. <. br>. Now I lay here unable to move she stokes my rock her cock with her hands and rubs her Enormous Breasts All Over My Shaft, it. s all I can do to from Cumming. I don. t think I am going to be able to last much longer.


Date: Nov 13 2021

M GOING TO LET YOU SUFFER A LITTLE LONGER. Well You Married a Super Villainess and now it. s coming back to bite you in the ass. To your credit, you didn. t realize who and what she was when you married her. When you met her, you just thought she was a Super-Hot Bombshell with an Irresistible Face some of the Biggest Best Tits you had ever seen! What guy wouldn. t fall for her? You never suspected she might actually be running an evil scheme on you. Then one Morning you wake up to find you cannot move and she is decked out in her Super Villainess gear. She informs you that the real reason she decided to marry you was your wallet. She says she slipped you a druggg that when she makes you Cum you will Diiie. Then she starts toying with youEdging you with her hands, Tits, and Mouth. She is evil and completely enjoys Playing Edging Games with you, knowing you can. t do anything about it. After a long while she decides to end the charade and you.


Date: Nov 09 2021

SIGN THE PAPERS OR LL TELL YOUR FATHER EVERYTHING. Jason can. t believe that his father has married a girl younger than him, Sarah Jessie What. s more confusing is that Sarah wants Jason to call her Mother. It quickly becomes clear to Sarah than Jason has more than a friendly interest in her She is ready to take advantage of the situation. Sarah makes it clear that she is unhappy that her husband, Jason. s father, has decided to leave all of his money in a trust for Jason as an inheritance. It should all go to her! She has declares that she is going to take everything she wants. She is going to get Jason. s money anyway she has to. She is going to tease and suck his dick give him sensual hand jobs, allow him to be in her presence with his dick yearning for her pussy! She edges him again and again, sits on his face and grinds, she make his tongues stretch long to taste her amazing pussy. Then she grinds herself to an orgasm. If Jason gets too close to Cumming she stops, letting him just Twitch. In the end Jason has an Accident in her mouth and narrowly avoids signing documents that would steal away his inheritance He runs.


Date: Nov 05 2021

MAKE ME PREGNANT NOW STEP-DADDY! Ever since she can remember, your step-daughter, Karter has wanted to have a little one of her own. She wants to care for it and raise it so that she can mold them exactly the way she wants them to be as they grow older. It is with this in mind she comes to you and says Step Dad, I want you to fuck me and make me pregnant right now! Karter feels that if you are the one who makes her preggers, then she can blackmail you into giving everything you own up to her. For one thing you would never want your wife to find out that you are fucking her daughter, you would be divorced in a second! Not to mention, if you know that Karter. s little one is actually yours, you will be inclined to provide for it and her more so than ever. Karter also has an Ace in the hole. She knows you can. t resist her nubile body with her firm perky tits and juicy succulent ass. She knows that fucking her is a once in a lifetime opportunity, one that you would never be able to resist. You can. t wait to get your dick into her moist tight pussy!


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