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Date: Apr 01 2021

YOU ARE COMPLETELY UNDER MY CONTROL. It is time. AJ needs to feed and you are almost out of cum. She has been draining you non-stop for weeks. You wake to find AJ rubbing her pussy in front of you. You want to reach out and touch it, but you can. t move! All the draining has taken all of your energy. She does however feed you her Cum Juice. Then she begins her milking process of your final load and according to her your biggest Load. Even though you know it is going to be your last you can. t help but be excited to cum! AJ is so seductive, so sexy, so horny you can. t help but want to give her everything you have, everything you are. She plays Edging games with you, teasing you, making sure that when you blast your last, it will be enormous. She hotdogs you with her ass cheeks, blows you, jerks you, until you final Blow a GIANT LAST LOAD!


Date: Mar 24 2021

LL LET YOU CUM AS LONG AS YOU DO EVERYTHING I WANT. Busty Brandy wants you to know that if you work at her company She Owns your Cock. In fact think of this as a Pre-Hire test. She is going to stroke you up and down and make sure that your dick is perfect for her needs. Busty Brandi keeps stroking your cock, she is going to tease you and tempt you. Brandy does have a couple of caveats however. You need to worship her big fat tits and plump juicy ass. She is going to stroke your dick nice and slow then faster. You. re not allowed to Cum until she gives you permission. Her Gigantic Natural Boobies gently sway up and down as she strokes your shaft. She is so excited she fingers herself to orgasm. Moaning excitedly as she orgasms, her Tits get sweaty with excitement. Brandy knows that you really want to stick your raging hard dick in between her Giant Tits too bad, 0 maybe she will let you someday if you do some chores for her. she needs her dog walked and her car washed daily.


Date: Mar 20 2021

HIS DICK IS DEEPER INSIDE ME THAN YOURS COULD GO. You. ve blindfolded yourself, put yourself into a Chastity Device, and handcuffed yourself just like your wife asked you to. What kind of special surprise is your wife planning for your honeymoon? It sounds really kinky! Your wife enters the room you can tell she is wearing the super sexy stockings that you love so much. She says There will be a lot of fucking tonight. You. re so excited! You have been waiting so long to fuck your hot wife! Then she says Number 1 come in and fuck the shit out of me. When you hear this, your dreams of a great fuck with your wife are dashed You can. t move, You can. t see, You are in chastity, and your wife is about to fuck another man on top of you. You can hear the deep throat slobbery blowjobs she gives him, You can feel her Big Tits smack you in the face as her boy toy fucks her deep from behind, and you can feel her writhe in ecstasy as she lies back against you, getting her pussy pounded until she orgasms on top of you. To make matters worse after her boy toy has given her a creampie in her pussy, she squeezes it out and rubs it all over your face. And you have to take it. You can. t move.


Date: Mar 12 2021

BABYSITTER WILL PUT YOU TO SLEEP USING ANY MEANS NECESSARY!Your parents have left Bella the Babysitter in charge of you until they arrive back home. Bella has been having a hard time getting you to go to bed. Your parents should be home soon and she wants them to know how responsible she is. That means you have to go to bed and fall asleep! Bella has noticed that you keep staring at her Big Tits and her tight young body. She has also noticed your raging hard-on everytime you look at her. She decides to use that to her advantage, as soon as you are in bed she starts rubbing her soft hands all over you rock hard cock constantly edging you so you give her an extra large load... Then she uses her legs to hump you cock while sticking her sexy feet into your face. After that her giant tits wrap around your shaft! It's too much you finally explode! But when you do Bella keeps stroking painfully ruining your orgasm! She wants to make sure it's all out... And that you wont' wake again until after she is gone. 1920 X1080 WMV Version Click Here


Date: Mar 08 2021

ďCAN YOU STILL GET HARD IF YOU CANíT BREATHE?Ē Katís step-brother has volunteered to give Kat some Wrestling/Self Defense Lessons. What he doesnít realize is that Kat actually knows how to defend herself quite well. In fact she has better technique than her brother does! From the first moment she performs a hold on her brother it is over for him! She puts him into a chokehold and a variety of Scissorholds, so tight he canít breathe! Then she strips him down and proceed to Humiliate and torment him by Edging his dick to the brink of Orgasm again and again! This is one Lesson Step Brother wonít soon forget!


Date: Mar 04 2021

CUMMING HURTS JUNIOR. SWALLOW IT ALL. NYOMIKNOWS YOU HAVE TO EAT, TODAY IT IS GOING TO BE YOUR OWN CUM. She keeps your cock and balls on a leash and sticks her long fingernails into them. She makes you hard, She controls your cock. You plead with her to let you cum and maybe she will. But only after She has had her fun. Spitting into your mouth and making you swallow it. Spitting and slapping your cock. Keeping your cock on the edge. When you beg to cum and beg to eat, She has tricks to force you to satisfy both needs, and still make you suffer. She is going to feed you your own cock filth. You are dirty, Junior, that why you like My Spit and your own Nasty Man Juice. She has made it all creamy inside your balls. Now She is going to make you jizz in your own mouth and while She makes you swallow it all, She makes your cock hurt by jerking it even faster.


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