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Date: Dec 21 2021

YOU CUM WHEN I SAY YOU CAN. You. ve snuck into your Step-Mother. s office searching for your inheiratance papers that she has taken away for Safekeeping. You don. t know why but you don. t fully trust your Step Mother, Briana. She is an incredibly hot MILF with some of the Biggest Tits you. ve ever seen... but You also think she is manipulative. In fact, you think she is after your inheritance! Unfortunately, you are caught by her while searching the office. Suddenly, it. s like you are a mouse cornered by a large very venomous snake. It is only a matter of time before she gets what she wants from you. Briana is not above using her body to do so either. She knows you lust after her Heck, even the slightest look from her makes you want to cream your pants! Then in a moment from your wildest dreams Step Mommy begins to touch you, to stoke you, to lick you. At every touch your cum wants to explode form your Dick. But Mommy won. t let you Cum She utilizes a special Mommy Technique that will prevent you from Cumming. You won. t Cum, Not until Mommy gets what she wants from you... And so the Nightmare Begins.


Date: Dec 17 2021

I'M DOING THIS FOR YOU'RE OWN GOOD. You wake up and you can't move, you're paralyzed! Why can't you move?? ... And why do you have a Raging Hard-On??? Next thing you know your sexy beautiful Big Tit wife enters the room looking sexy as sin. Why would she be looking so sexy? She knows you have a Heart Condition! She knows you are not allowed to Cum!! You ask her what's happening to you, why can't you move? Why do you have a raging boner?? She Replies Oops I accidentally slipped you a Paralytic drug mixed with Viagra! then Oh honey would you sign this medical release the doctor send over? You reply that you can't move. She says No Problem, here I'll put the pen in your mouth and you can sign with your teeth as I move your head! So you are forced to sign... Only to find out you've signed a life insurance policy! Then she begins stroking you... Edging you to the brink. Denying your orgasm... Then she does the same with her mouth and her giant soft natural Tits. It's too much to take, you have to Cum!!! ...And you do... You orgasm like you never have before, only it's unfortunately your very last one.


Date: Dec 13 2021


Date: Dec 09 2021


Date: Dec 05 2021

HUBBY I WANT YOU TO LICK ALL OF YOUR BOSSES CUM OUT OF MY PUSSY. Julie likes to keep her pussy A+ Clean. That. s the real reason she married you. The only really use for a husband is to be her little hubby cum cleaner! She likes to go out and fuck IMPORTANT men. Like your Boss! After all somebody has to make sure the bill are paid! Therefore, it is your duty to make sure her Pussy and Ass are Spick and Span! Julie wants you to get your tongue deep into her pussy and Asshole. You must Clean it until it is sparkling! She want to sit her Phat Ass all over your face until you give her another orgasm while she dreams of all the different men she has fucked. You Do It. You are unable to resist the Julie. s Incredible Ass and Pussy.


Date: Dec 01 2021

“IT WILL BE OUR DIRTY… DIRTY LITTLE SECRET” You don’t want Mommy to know do you? What are you going to do for me? That’s what your supposedly innocent Step-Daughter asks after she catches you jerking off when Mommy is not home. Instead of leaving the room, she decides to “Help you out” if of course you help her out by giving her whatever she wants. There are a lot of things she wants… For instance she wants her curfew to be forgotten so she can jerk off the muscle men of the football team! She asks if you want her to Lick your hard cock… you do. She knows you do, so she is going to have a scaling payment system… One Lick for $100, you want her to put your dick in her mouth for a quick second? That’s a $1000 dollars. You want her to Suck on your Balls? It’s $2000 dollars. The Price only goes up from there. Your Step-Daughter is going to be wearing the pants in the family soon, because SHE WILL HAVE ALL YOUR MONEY!!! She lets you cum as soon as you promise to buy her a new house… But SHE IS NOT DONE! She keeps going! Now you are going to have to give her what she wants in order for her to stop jerking you! IT’S SO SENSITIVE! PLEASE STOP you cry! NO DADDY I WANT A BOAT! IN FACT YOU’RE GOING TO HAVE TO PAY ME TO STOP!


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