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Date: Jan 14 2021

AUNTIE TELLS YOU HOW TO BEHAVE AROUND WOMEN. Your Mommie has sent you over to your Aunties to receive an education on how a proper man and son should behave. A Proper man should ALWAYS respect his Mother and do exactly what she she says. NEVER question a female in authority! And only CUM when when Mommie and Auntie say so!


Date: Jan 10 2021

EAT MY ORGASMIC CUM STEP-BROTHER! As long as you make sure your dad gives your Step-Sister, Victoria, a large, hefty allowance, you can have a taste of her amazing step-sister-pussy after all, before you pump the pussy, you have to taste the pussy. Victoria is going to make sure you eat out her pussy nice and deep before she decides to sit on your face and grind her wet pussy all over your head. Afterwards she is going to aggressively fuck your face with her Big Ripe Clit. She is going to use her brother. s tongue to orgasm over and over again! Later after many orgasms, she informs you that now she is wet enough to go and fuck her boyfriend. You will be left out of that equation!


Date: Jan 06 2021

A rare look behind the scenes of some featuring funny moments, bloopers, and Interesting Moments that have occurredin and behind the scenes some of our famous Femdom Clips.


Date: Jan 02 2021

Muscle discipline is the cure for the premature ejaculator. Just flexing those big biceps, makes his cock hard. Then Crush his balls through his jeans until he precums. Big muscles givesTreasureand Brandie Mae all control.


Date: Dec 29 2021

SUCK IT AL OUT DADDY! Your tight assed cheerleader daughter, Ashley, has just fucked the entire football team. Her biggest concern is that she now could possibly get pregnant, as they all gave her a giant creampie! She turns to you in her hour of need. Ashley needs you to suck out all of their cum. She is going to need you to get your tongue deep into her pussy and steadily lick suck and slurp all of it out of her as she sits her Amazing Pert Ass on your face. She grinds her wet ripe pussy all over your face, making sure to orgasm as much as possible while you suck out all of that football player jizz.


Date: Dec 25 2021

EPISODE 1 FEMDOM SHOWCASE SERIES - BIG TIT LATIN BOMBSHELL BRIDGETTE B 5 Clips, of Stunning Latin Big Tit Bombshell Bridgette B Clip 1. THE SISTERS CAN MAKE ANY COCK HARD AND THEN MAKE YOU BEG TO GIVE THEM ALL YOUR MONEY TO LET YOU CUM. 2 Sisters have 2 hard cocks under their command and they can do and get anything they want. They squeeze and twist 4 balls. They tit fuck with 4 big breast. They get new cars and credit cards. They get them close and then walk away. You want What? Say It! ... I love listening to pathetic men beg. They wank the 2 cocks until they spew. 1 has to SHOOT IN HIS MOUTH and both have to endure persistent post-orgasm jerking until they are screaming in pain. - HOT 2 SISTERS 2 COCKS AND 4 BIG BEAUTIFUL BREASTS HANDJOBS - TITJOBS - FINANCIAL DOMINATION - CUM IN THE MOUTH EATING - TEASE AND DENIAL AND RUINED ORGASMS BY BRIDGETTE B. AND HALEY CUMMINGS Clip 2. Bridgette controls your cock and makes you get on all 4's to be her Cow. She makes your cock rock hard and then stops. She sits on your back and grabs your cock and balls with her LONG FINGER NAILS. . She talks about how you never get her pussy, you only get milked by her hand, just like her cow. You're just her play toy, who does everything She wants. If you don't cum when She tells you to, She's not going to play with you. She MILKS your cock until it spews right into your coffee. With your creamy cow cum in your coffee, She makes you drink it. Clip 3. Rough Stocking Denial- Bridgette is disappointed with you. She is bored with your Cock… How you can never control yourself. She feels all the Cum built up in your cock. She gets to Cum… But you don’t! She owns your Cock. She touches and tease your cock. Tempting you and torturing you. You want to Cum so Bad! She stuffs her fingernail down your pee hole as pre-cum comes out of your cock! She Mashes your Balls with her feet… Then ruthlessly rubs her rough stocking around your cock… But She won’t let you Cum!!! Clip 4. Bridgette a Cuckold wife leaves her hubby at home on his Oxygen Machine and goes out and Fucks some big cock, just to get her pussy full of cum. With cum dripping out She takes his oxygen mask off and shoves his face in her wet pussy. He has to lick her pussy. He has work to do. Her nyphomaniac pussy is more important than hubby's breathing. She sticks her panties in his Oxygen Mask so he can savor her pleasure filled Pussy. Clip 5. Wifey has been out fucking, as usual, now She's all dressed up in her Nylons and ready to Torture your Cock. She takes her Nylons off and starts to play with your dick. She makes it hard, spits on it, and then takes her sharp Fingernail and sticks it down your pee whole, and makes you cry out. She sees that you've got some precum and scolds you for having precum without permission. She sticks her nails in your balls. Bridgett Smashes Your Balls with her feet. She laughs at your pain. She wraps her stockings around your cock and jerks it making it raw. Her stockings fell like sandpaper on your cock. She likes to get you hard and in pain, making you hold in your cum until she counts down in Spanish and makes you pop!


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