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Date: Sep 16 2021

I HAVE SUPER BOOTY POWERS. A simple hero is no match for the Sinister Super Villainess CASH ASS. The Hero sits and works out preparing to fight evil This is when the Villainess struts into his workout space. Instantly it. s all he can do to resist her, as she flaunts her Ample Assets right in front of him. The thing is, Cash Ass needs a new minion. Her last one was lost beneath the mega curves of her huge ass. Next thing the Super Hero knows, he is buried face deep into her massive Cheeks! She makes him worship her Then she takes out his erect Cock and begins playing edging Games with it. Bringing it to the Edge Over and over, promising to maybe let him cum if he becomes her minion. As he writhes in Unreleased Agony it is too much. The super Hero Breaks, Caves in, and decides to become Cash Ass. s brainless Minion for Life.


Date: Sep 12 2021

I DON. T HATE YOU BUT YOUR LIFE INSURANCE POICY IS HUGE... AND I WANT THE MONEY. I CAN. T LET YOU LIVE NOW YOU KNOW TOO MUCH. Last Night your wicked wife put a venomous spider into your bed Needless to say the spider bit you. Now you can. t move. Your motor functions are gone and your wife says that if you have an orgasm, the venom will speed your heart up so fast, that you will diiiie. And of course, while she says this, your wife is stroking your cock. Nadia seems to enjoy the process, savoring your torment. She uses her soft hands and brings you to the edge of orgasm time and time again. Her luscious mouth is incredible with her wet tongue running up and down your rock hard shaft. Next, Her Huge Tits engulf your cock and it. s all you can do to keep yourself from blast your life load all over them! In the end you do Your life is splashed all over her Massive Tits.


Date: Sep 08 2021

I WANT TO FUCK ON TOP OF MY HUSBAND You are Locked in Chastity as your wife, Mikayla, Gyrates on a Stripper Pole right on top of you You can. t move and that. s the way she likes it. Not only are you stuck and helpless, but she has brought over a stud whom she plans to fuck. Mikayla gets hot and heavy with her boytoy as you stare in horror Your Dick is straining against the chastity, trying to break free, but it is entrapped strongly. It is Painful. Then she starts to fuck her toy. over your body at first, then directly on top of you. Finally she blows him until he blasts a load into her mouth which she then pulls down your mask and feeds you. Dinner is served.


Date: Sep 04 2021

M GOING TO CONTROL EVERYTHING, INCLUDING YOUR COCK. Sarah is going to use her tight fit body to get everything she wants from her Step-Son. She is going to control his cock therefore she will control him. She begins to fuck him saying that she is going to make him make her orgasm and feel amazing but Junior can. t control himself and almost cums without giving her pleasure several times. At this point Sarah decides to play a game with him to ensure she is not left unfulfilled. It is called Just The Tip. She only allows Junior to put the tip of his hard cock into her wet juicy pussy. He can feel her pussy juices drip down his dick. he wants to slip it in so badly But Sarah doesn. t let him. Instead she elicits promises from him on what he is going to give her if he is allowed to enter into her pussy palace.


Date: Aug 31 2021

CLEAN OUT MY PUSSY DON. T STOP Monica. s step-brother has always tried to be helpful to her. He has gone out of his way to try be around when she needs him, unfortunately for him, Monica has always rebuffed his attempts at helpfulness. And then one day Monica angrily storms into his bedroom in Lingerie and says? You want to know how you can be helpful to me? You can eat out my fucking pussy. Next thing he knows he in pushed onto his back and she is grinding her wet pussy onto his face, making him suck out all the pussy juice inside. He lick and licks moving onto her asshole, he can. t stop, she. s too hot and it. s too good. Then she rips down his pants and starts stroking and sucking his rock hard dick in a 69 position. It turns out sadly for him, that. s about the only action he is going to get When he asks Can I fuck you now? She says No way! That. s gross! I only needed you to clean my asshole! Then she leaves and he is left with frustration.


Date: Aug 27 2021

11 Clips of Mommy Madness! Mommy's gonna wrestle you down and milk you for every drop! Watch these MILFs put their step-sons through the ringer! MOMMY MERCEDESMOMMY BRIANAOTHER MOMMY BRIANNA AND MOMMY RICHELLE 11 Scenes of Milking, Facesitting, Scissorholds, handjobs, blowjobs, big loads, ruined orgasms, Big Tits, Tit Jobs, Mesmerzation, Mommy Dommes, Legjobs, Edging and Much More!!!


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