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Date: Mar 01 2021

DO YOU WANT OUR ESCAPADE ALL OVER THE INTERNET? Coach K calls Jillian the Cheerleader into his office to inform her that she is failing her Physical Education class. Jillian is outraged! She is a cheerleader, on principal how could she possibly be failing? Is there some way she can raise her grade higher? She has noticed in the past how Coach keeps staring at her Who wouldn. t, she is gorgeous! After some coaxing, she manages to get him to lay down onto his desk where she begins to play with him rubbing her Moist Cunt over his cock inside his pants. When she takes his dick out, he is rock hard! Coach is powerless to resist! Step by step she raises the stakes, doing more for each grade he goes higher. Jillian wants an A. She teases him with her hands and mouth, edging him until his balls are swollen and he aches to be released! Coaches Blues Ball are horrific, but Jillian feels he deserves punishment for even thinking about failing a gorgeous girl like her And if Coach even thinks to protest, Jillian will have her friend Jessica release the video she has been filming of them on the internet! Jillian informs Coach that he will never dare to give her a bad grade again.


Date: Feb 25 2021

ALLIEHAS STEP-DADDY BOUND IN A WAREHOUSE. HIS COCK IS EXPOSED FOR HER TO FUCK WITH A SOUND. Her cameras are on to Blackmail Daddy while She uses her Collection of Sounds on his dick, jamming bigger and bigger Sounds down his cock. She demands that he sign over all his inheritance TO HER or the Cock Torture WILL NOT STOP.


Date: Feb 21 2021

“YOU WILL GIVE US THE CODES JUNIOR.” You have tried to go legit... to escape your families Super Villain Past. You have become responsible, been given top-secret codes to protect some of the land's most valuable goods, money, and secrets. All seems to be going well in life UNTIL.... Your Super Villain Step-Mommy and Auntie show up, kidnap, and bind you. They will stop at nothing to pry those codes from you. Mommy will put your head in a vice-Grip Scissorhold while Auntie takes out and toys with your Rock Hard Cock. You Can't help it! Step-Mommy and Auntie, even though they are Evil, have Always had such big Tits! they are almost Mesmerizing! Mommy and Auntie take turns Riding your face and Orgasming all over your face. When one is on your face , the other is stroking you cock... Then they put your cock in between their Big Tits and give you a Big Tit Job. Finally Auntie puts you cock in a scissorold and give a rough leg job to your cock. In the End they make you Cum, And ruin your Orgasm until you Give them the Codes they want.


Date: Feb 17 2021

YOU. RE ACTING LIKE A LITTLE BITCH DADDY Your sexy Hot Step-Daughter wants a car. But not just any car She wants an $80. 000 car! You say No! Of course not! That. s when things start to go downhill for you. She knows how much you love and depend on her Mom, and she decides to use that to her advantage. She uses her Tight Young Body to seduce you into an awkward position A Position that ends up with your hard cock deep in her mouth. She teases and plays with your Dick, rubbing her big Teeny Tits all over it, up and down your shaft. She licks it, sucks it, and jerks it hard with her hands. She takes you to the edge. making sure that if she lets you Cum you will give her everything she wants Not only that, if you don. t give her what she wants, she will tell her Mom what you have done with her! In the End she leaves you frustrated, No Cum is Allowed, and she has a large blackmail envelope of things you have done with her to lord over you.


Date: Feb 13 2021


Date: Feb 09 2021

Once upon a time you were Extremely Rich, Obscenely Powerful, and A Playboy of the highest order. Then it all crashed down on you. Your wife found out about your cheating ways and ended your life in a gruesome fashion. LUST IS THE WORST SIN YOU CAN COMMIT YOU MUST BE PUNISHED. Now you are on a slab. In the 2nd Circle of Hell, the Circle of Lust. A succubus is stroking your cold deeead cock preparing to revive you back to some semblance of Life by making your corpseee deliver giant orgasm. She works your cock slowly steadily skillfully raising the cum from the deepest recess of your soul, reviving your life with each stroke. You can almost sense her sexy body sense the Big Juicy Tits... Working their magic bring you back to life Then suddenly you are alive with the most incredible Orgasm you have ever experienced!!! Your Dick erupts with a huge load!!! Then immediately after a demon drags you down to a lower Circle in Hell where you with be slowly tortured for eons, until you are dead again Then the process begins again, over and over again for all eternity.


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