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Date: Nov 03 2021

DON. T THINK I HAVEN. T NOTICED YOUR PERVY STARING STEP DADDY. Nadia has had enough. All she did was return home a bit late little after a night of partying and fucking, Her stupid Step-Daddy has the nerve to act holier than thou, giving her a lecture, at the same time he is staring at her Ass and Tits. It. s time to put Step Daddy in his place. Nadia forces him down and begins toying with his rock hard cock. She Knew he was staring at her, the huge Boner proves it! She makes him eat out her Ass and Pussy until both are nice and clean. At the same time she is sucking his dick long and hard deep into her moist juicy mouth. If Daddy doesn. t do everything she says she is going to tell Mommy! Finally because she knows how much he loves her ass she decides to hotdog his cock, in other words, an Ass Job! Step Daddy can. t resist and blows his load all over her Ass! Now Nadia is going to be Daddy. s boss Unless he wants Mommy to know what he has done.


Date: Oct 30 2021

M GOING TO SUCK YOUR SOUL OUT THROUGH YOUR COCK. M GOING TO SUCK EVERY DROP. THE RED FOX aka SHAY FOX is ready to feed. BIG RED LIPS ALL OVER YOUR COCK. This is one Super Villainess Succubus that it is going to be impossible to resist. She is going to Lick, Suck, and Slurp your Dick until it is ready to explode. She edges you, One Stroke at a Time. She wants to sure she gets every last drop of your essence out of you. ONE STROKE, ONE SUCK at a time Then she envelopes your cock in her massive tits, eliciting groans of pleasure form you. Your Cock is more sensitive than it has ever been before and your balls are swollen in agony. She primes you right to the edge over and over making sure you are just right for her needs. Then she takes you. All of you. You erupt with a massive orgasm and your soul is her forever.


Date: Oct 26 2021

M HOT AND GUYS GIVE ME WHATEVER I WANT. Dear Diary Victoria here, I have a confession. I know my Step-Brother jerks off to the thought of me every night. I wonder if there is an opportunity here. I don. t have a job (After all why should a princess like me work?) And I just broke up with my Sugar Daddy. My brother makes really good money as a lawyer I bet I can use my amazing hot body to convince him that he needs to be giving me lots of money on a daily basis! I know he love to stare at my Big Juicy Tits. He is such a perv! I can only imagine what he would give me when I start jerking off his cock with my delicate hands and rubbing on him with my beautiful Breasts. And if I decide to suck him off? Wow, I will be a rich woman!


Date: Oct 22 2021

M GOING TO TRAIN YOUR COCK! Jason is fresh back home from the hospital where he was recovering from a heart attack. Upon arriving home with his daughter Sami, he stumbles into his bedroom to find a Wrestling mat on the floor. He wants to go rest, but Sami has other ideas. Since he is so weak, she says she needs to train him. It will help your Heart she says. Sami is just such a sexy daughter Jason can. t resist anything she says. So she begins Cock Training this according to Sami is a method where she brings Jason to the Edge of Orgasm then Denies him from cumming over and over again. Jason. s Heart feels as though it can burst at any moment due to all the pressure building up in his system. Soft Titties rubbing all over it, a wet supple mouth gently sucking and licking all over his dick, Soft, Smooth hands jerking him. It is paradise and agony. Then Sami says if you sign over life insurance papers to her she might let you cum Unfortunately, her teasing and edging is too much and before you can sign Your Heart Explodes!


Date: Oct 18 2021

STEP- MOMMIES PUSSY IS THE BEST. SAY IT, JUNIOR!. STEP-MOMMIE LIVES FOR BIG HARD COCK, BUT YOUR PENIS DOESN'T MAKE IT. She orders you to bring her HER FAVORITE ONE, THE BIG BLACK ONE, that she puts over your puny cock to TEACH YOU HOW TO FUCK. She handles your balls to make them bluer and bluer and make your cock so hard inside her big cock, so she can fuck you but you can't feel her hot wet pussy. She feeds you your blue pill, shoves her panties in your mouth and mounts her pussy on the big dick. YOUR JOB IS TO FUCK HER, without getting any pleasure, without feeling her pussy, Just for HER PLEASURE. You have to work hard, thrust harder, faster and faster while she comes over and over and ORDERS YOU HOW TO BEHAVE. You have to stare at her BIG TITS AND FUCK, WITH ALL YOUR ENERGY, WITH YOUR PRETEND COCK, WHILE ALL THE TIME BEGGING FOR RELEASE.


Date: Oct 14 2021

I GOT FUCKED BY 9 GUYS DADDY SO 9 GUYS CAME INSIDE MY PUSSY EAT UP DADDY! <. br>. It. s a special day for Kat, not only did she get fucked by 9 different guys who all came inside her Today she is going to go meet her boyfriend. s parents. Kat doesn. t feel it would be appropriate to have the cum of 9 guys inside her Vagina for that special moment. Therefore she has decided that her pussy needs to be cleaned out. and who better to clean it than you Step-Daddy? She wants you to stick your tongue deep inside her Pussy and eat up every last drop of the jizz that is sitting up in her Tasty Twat. <. br>. Oh by the way Daddy, one of the guys who fucked me was the Basketball Coach, your best friend! Eat all of his cum Daddy! I want my pussy to be spotless and for it to smell of roses.


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