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Date: Jun 12 2021

“YOU NEED TO DEEP CLEAN STEP-MOMMY'S ASS WITH YOUR TONGUE!” Junior... Step-Mommy Julie has need of you. She need you to be an obedient step-son. She needs you to sniff her ass. She need you to lick her ass. And Junior... Mommy needs you to Deep Clean her Giant Ass with your tongue and face. Mommy also wants you to make your Daddy proud. she wants you to be a good little ass cleaner just like he is. She is going to lead you to her special face sitting cushion where she is going to Smother you and Squash you with her Fantastic Ass! Mommy tells you Daddy would be would be even prouder of you if you eat out step mommies pussy and ass so that she can orgasm all over your face! And of course you do, because your a good boy, a good step-son with a very eager tongue.


Date: Jun 08 2021

TAKE DEEP BREATHS AS I SQUEEZE! The Doctor says you need more exercise to help out with your weak heart. Osa Thinks she has the perfect method to help. Nothing says Strong Heart better than some tough Scissorholds around your neck until you can. t breathe! After some extra strong Scissorholding and squeezing, she lets you know that pleasing her is a large part of getting your heart better! So she sits on your face making you eats out her pussy until all you can breathe in is her pussy. Then she decides to Tease and Denies you Orgasm, Sucking and Stroking, Sticking your cock between her legs until it is about to burst! Then she ruthlessly squelches your orgasmic urges. All the while your heart is getting worse, not stronger!


Date: Jun 04 2021

YOU. LL BE FINE I WON. T LET ANYTHING HAPPEN TO YOU . ) You wife seems very concerned about you. she knows your heart has been aching a lot lately. Then One day, late in the evening after you have gotten back from a doctor. s visit, in which he informed you that if you get to much excitement,( I.E. Cumming from Orgasm) you will very likely diiie. You wake up to find that you can. t move. Your wife forces you to sign some documents that you aren. t able to get a good look at And then she starts messing with you. It seems innocent at first but it. s not. Despite her saying she is not going to let anything happen to you, she starts using her hands and mouth to bring you close to the edge of orgasm before stopping. It is Painful for your Heart! Then out pop her wild and Big Tits rubbing up and down your hard shaft and finally she sits on top of you, drawing your erect shaft deep inside her and proceeds to Wildly Fuck you until your Blast a Final Load Deep Inside her dripping wet Cunt. <. h2>. #1 EXECUTRIX CLIP!!! <. h2>.


Date: May 31 2021

YOU WANT TO PUT A LITTLE DROP OF PRE-CUM ONTO THIS SHOE, DON. T YOU? Jillian enters a Vintage celebrity boutique, a store where all the clothing was previously worn by celebrities. She distracts the Checkout Clerk so she can stuff clothing into her purse. Then she moves into the shoe section. While the Checkout Clerk is checking prices, Jillian attempts to steal some shoes and is caught! As she pulls the shoes back out of her bag to return them, she realizes that something is wrong with them They have jizz on them! The Clerk has been acting suspicious ever since he saw her around the shoe section, and now she knows why. He obviously is jerking off on them! It. s now time for Jillian to turn the tables. The Clerk is going to do everything she says or she is going to call the manager and tell him that he has been jerking off all over the expensive shoes in his care! When she holds shoes up to his face he gets instant wood! She can tell he is ready to burst! Jillian promises to make him Cum bigger than he ever has, and she will do it right near his precious shoes! That is, if he agrees to give her inventory form the store. The thought of it is too much for the Clerk to resist. She strokes, edges, teases him with her soft hands and wet silky tongue, he can. t wait to blast his load but will she let him? Nope, just as he. s about to have an amazing orgasm, she leaves him twitching, grabs the store. s inventory, and runs out of the store laughing. The clerk can only twitch in frustration and blue balls.


Date: May 27 2021

You may have the hottest wife in town... But it comes with a cost. The stress of knowing how many other men look and lust after your Big Titted Tattooed wife has taken a toll on you. Worse yet, your wife knows it. You now have a very weak heart. The Doctor has told you if you orgasm you can die. On the pretense of caring for your well being, your wife sneaks in some life insurance papers for you to sign. Then... Out comes the Giant Tits she knows you can't resist. Her hand starts rubbing you cock up and down giving you intense pleasure in your dick bringing you to the Brink Of Orgasm... Denying it's release! The Pain your Heart puts out is Excruciating! But what she is doing feels so good! She swallows your Cock Deep Throating It. Again bringing you to the edge! Again Refusing your Orgasmic Release! It is like a game of Russian Roulette with your heart. Eventually When she Forces out your Cum... You Will Diie.


Date: May 23 2021

I KNOW YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS LITTLE BROTHER... MY HANDS AROUND YOUR COCK. Your Bratty Step Sister wants to go out with her boyfriend tonight. She wants you to cover for her. Why would you cover for her? Well... She know you like to peep on her when she naked. She has even caught you watching her masturbate. You are in the palm of her hand, and if you don't do EXACTLY what she tells you to, she is going to tell Dad. In fact she is going to take advantage of this situation to try out on you... Some of the ideas she wants to try on her boyfriend. She is going to edge you to the brink over and over again... She will stick her extremely Sharp Fingernails down your Pee Hole. When she finally makes you cum... She ruins it!


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