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Date: Feb 07 2021

CRIPPLE THAT PENIS! WITH MOMMIES BIG MUSCLES. STEP-MOMMIE IS STRONG WITH BIG MUSCLES AND SHE IS GOING TO PUNISH YOU. She caught you staring at your sisters big tits and now your cock will be squeezed hard by her big biceps. This what happens when you are bad. Muscular Women have to show you who is Boss.


Date: Feb 03 2021

THE ONLY THING YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO STARE AT IS MY BOOTY. Julie, your wife caught you checking out the neighbor. s wife and daughter. She can. t understand why you would look at anybody else when she has the best booty in existence. She comments that you really must love Blue Balls. Now she is going to punish you and make you wish that your eyes had stayed focused only on her and her amazing ass. She starts by laying you down and giving an amazing handjob. easily and confidently bringing you to the brink of orgasm, then denying you Orgasmic Release then she uses her soft squeezable titties to do the same. Over and Over bringing you to the edge. Again and Again denying you Orgasm. Finally she makes you worship your most favorite thing in this world, Her Ample Ass. She teases you then leaves you with the worst case of Blue Balls a man can have!


Date: Jan 30 2021

“SO HUBBY… WE’VE DRUGgGED YOU… AND PUT A BOLT THROUGH YOUR PENIS TO STOP YOU FROM CUMMING.” Your weak heart is preventing your wife and sister from having all the sex they want. They have plugged your cock to prevent you from Cumming… They really want to play with your cock… But you did just sign those insurance papers… They might have to take some extreme measures to prevent you from Cumming as they vigorously stroke your cock. They have to Dig Their Sharp Nails into your Ball Sack, Or slap your balls to prevent you from release. Yet they tease you and they stop and start edging you over and over. They say this is for your health, but you want to cum so badly! “YOU’RE HURTING YOURSELF BY TRYING TO RELEASE!” In the End you have an Orgasmic Heart Attack.


Date: Jan 26 2021


Date: Jan 22 2021


Date: Jan 18 2021

M GOING TO TEACH YOU HOW TO CONTROL YOUR COCK. Step Mommy needs to train you so that you don. t cum so often. Everything female makes you want to jizz all over the place. Step Mommy loves playing with your cock, rubbing her big juicy tits all over it! Mommy Julie loves to tease you, when you get close she loves to stop you from having an orgasm. Mommy really likes how you get your dick so nice and hard for her. She decides to put it deep into her mouth, sucking up your shaft like a vacuum cleaner. She doesn. t let you cum though. According to your Mommy, a guy should be able to last at the very least, 5 hours without Cuming. Mommy won. t let you Cum until you. ve reached that pinnacle.


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