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Date: Apr 25 2021

WAKE UP IT. S MEAL TIME AND M READY TO FEED. You are woken up from a deep sleep by a gentle but insistent sucking on your cock You are already rock hard as you wake. Courtney the Sperm Sucking Vampire who has been keeping you hostage is ready to feed. She needs to make sure the cum you give her tastes just right So she is going to take steps to ensure that you give her a FULL TASTY LOAD. She is going to suck you long and slow Then she will rub your hard cock between her magnificent pussy lips. She is so wet down there you want her to put it in! Instead she brings you to the edge then denies you orgasmic release. Afterwards, she sticks her wet pussy on your face and grinds deep onto you so you can eat up all of her pussy juices. Finally she is ready to feed. She goes down deep on you sucking and sucking until you explode all of your cum deep into her mouth and throat She Sucks it all up and you are drained and done for the day.


Date: Apr 21 2021

IF YOU DO SOMETHING FOR ME MAYBE LL DO SOMETHING FOR YOU. Your step sister has walked in on you masturbating. You try to deny it, but she knows you are masturbating to the thought of her! She says that maybe you can come to an agreement. Maybe she will make you feel good and allow you to blast off a giant load. in return she will receive your car and anything else she wants! You are not allowed to cum until her demands are met! She teases your cock with her 19 yeear old tongue teasing you to the edge of orgasm while demanding your money and her chores to be done. She alternates stroking you hard and soft, asking you for more and more before you are allowed to cum. By the time you explode everything you own is hers and you will become her servant. You will give her anything she wants at any time!


Date: Apr 17 2021


Date: Apr 13 2021

MOMMY IS BACK FROM FUCKING EVERYBODY, AND NOW SHE WANTS TO PLAY WITH BABY'S COCK. His poor little dick never gets any pussy. She plays with it with her hands and long red nails. She quizzes baby if he's done all of his chores, while she was out cuming. She get's him all excited and then decides if she's going to let her cum today. His poor cock and balls are all sore and she rubs her heels on his cock. Then she rubs her pantyhose stocking on his little cock. She makes him cum all over her stockings and then makes him clean it up. You finally get to get all that cum out of your wewe.


  • Hot Wife is back with a pussy full of hot cum. She's got the key to your chastity device and maybe she'll take your cock out and play with it. She puts her big tits right up next to your caged cock and teases it. She pulls down her pantyhose and rubs her firm round ass on your chastity device. You have to ask nicely and beg for her to unlock your dick. First she wants to be sure you've done all your chores - Lke buying her some new sexy lingerie and washing all the nasty cum from other men out of her panties. She unlocks your CB-3000 and She rubs her pantyhose all over your cock and makes you cum. Thats the only time you'll be cuming this month. So she locks you back up so you can make more cum for her, when she decides to let you.


Date: Apr 09 2021

THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE JUNIOR. Mommy isn. t pleased with her step son. She has caught him checking her out one too many times. Now she has decided to do something about it. She pushes him down onto the couch and takes out his cock. Mommy begins to stroke and suck, showing Junior how good a Mommy can be. Then right as Junior is about to blast the load he has been saving just for Mommy She stops. Then after the agony of an Unreleased Orgasm has subsided She starts again The Process repeats until Junior learns his lesson. Nobody Looks at Mommy without permission.


Date: Apr 05 2021

IF YOU DON. T DO WHAT I SAY THIS VIDEO WILL GO VIRAL. Your wife, Nikki, has brought you an extra special drink from the bar downstairs, you drink it but it is Revolting! Unbeknownst to you, she has filmed you downing the concoction which turns out to be direct from some random tranny. s ass! Yep TRANNY ASS JUICE MIXED WITH CUM. Your wife is not playing around, she wants a lot of expensive items, and she wants them NOW! It gets worse Nikki notices that after the humiliating experience, your dick is ultra-hard! Everyone will find out you like to drink Tranny Ass Juice and Cum! Hahaha, nowNikki is getting excited by how embarrassed you are! Now that she has you under control she is going to have some fun with you. She starts stroking your rock hard cock asking for the little things she wants Like a yacht She put her lips on your Dick and asks for an expensive car Then takes you deep into her throat and asks for a girl. s trip to Fiji. All Expenses paid for her and her 5 friends Only First Class Will Do. Unfortunately you can. t resist If you do, This video will go viral.


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